Well, awhile back I promised I would show you how to create some of my favorite craft items... This one happens to be one of the items that my sisiter-in-law and I used to sell at craft shows. These simple fabric covered mats add big impact to a framed picture.  This tutorial is for creating a 8x10 mat that holds a 5x7 picture.

  • a rectangular piece of cotton fabric approx. 11x13 in. or a bit bigger (it doesn't have to be cut perfectly)
  • a 8x10 mat - you can either purchase a pre-cut mat or cut your own out of mat board
  • spray glue -nothing beats 3M Super 77 found at Hobby Lobby or hardware stores
  • a scissor - one you don't mind getting glue on
  • a sheet rocking knife with a thin blade... an x-acto knife/craft knife will work, too
  • Mod-podge
  • small foam brush


1.With all your supplies laid out and ready to go, spray the back side of the fabric and the front of the mat with a generous coat of spray glue (outside).

2.Lay your glue covered fabric on a table, glue side up.  Carefully place your glue covered mat face down onto the fabric.  Make sure to center it, leaving equal portions on each side.  Press down firmly all over the back side of the mat.  Check the front of the fabric to make sure all air bubbles are out.

3.Cut off the corners of the fabric with scissors... careful to leave only a tiny margin by the corner of the mat (see close-up pic)

4.Pulling firmly, starting next to the corner, pull the fabric up over the mat, one side at a time.  Press down, smoothing out all air bubbles.

5. With your knife, cut the interior of the fabric diagonally out, starting in each corner -creating an X.  Trim edges.

6. Again, pull fabric up over the edge of the mat, starting in the corners. Pull firmly to ensure that the fabric is tight, especially in the corners. Use Mod-podge on your foam brush to help adhere, if fabric doesn't stick.  Once all edges are in place, use Mod-podge to go over the edges of the fabric for extra security and to prevent any fraying.  Also pay special attention to the outside corners.  These will need a dab of Mod-podge, smoothed down with your finger, also (second photo shows how corner should look before smoothing down).

7. Let dry thoroughly and place in frame!!

These also look wonderful in sets of coordinating fabrics.  If you have any question, let me know!  Happy Crafting :)




  1. Thank you for the tutorial. This is a great idea. I have been needing different matting ideas and this def takes the cake. I really appreciate you taking the time to write it and take photos for us.

  2. Oh, Amy! I'm so sad that you're not coming the A & C show...but I get it. Glad you have an Etsy shop for me to browse. :)

  3. This is one of my favorite projects! It can change the look of a boring frame in a second!

  4. A-ha! Thanks so much for this! I have been thinking about doing it for a while and now have been re-motivated!

  5. I will definitely try this! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Is the finished product acid free? What about photo safety?

  7. Tara, ModPodge is not advertised as being acid free for photos. I would suppose over many years it could be an issue. I usually just print my own photos for purposes like this. Switch up the mats and the pictures over time :) ...then it's not a problem!

  8. I know you posted this forever ago, but I just found it and I am SO excited about it!!

  9. Great way to repurpose and make beautiful! I shared this on my CraftBliss FB page. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas! ~Dee

  10. This is great!! I'm pinning for the future.


  11. Hi! I love the Idea! I was just thinking, I would like to use fabric as you did! Now it is nice to follow your instructions!

  12. Thanks for sharing such beautiful work. Beautiful and very creative!

  13. Terrific tutorial for this. THANK YOU! :) God bless!

  14. LOVE your fabric covered mats! I just couldn't help but feature them on a cereal box crafts round-up that I just finished. I just mentioned that you could easily sub the cereal box cardboard for the mats. You can see the round-up here:


    Thank you so much for sharing this super cute craft!

  15. Love this idea. I've made similar mats with burlap - but your tutorial makes it so much simpler. :)
    PS: I'm a mom to twins (and three other babes I love madly) .. I was very touched reading your twin story, the story of Sadie.

  16. Amei seu blog. Já estou te curtindo. Parabéns!!!

  17. what a fabulous idea! thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Love this idea! I am just getting in to crafting and this seems to be a great and easy craft to start with! Thank you for posting the tutorial!

  19. Just found your blog from Pinterest. Love it especially the tutorial part !
    Warm regards from Indonesia ^_^

  20. I love this idea, the possibilities are endless when creating to go with your decor!!! Thanks!

  21. i LOVE this kind of tutorials!! i'm so glad i found your blog :))
    xx Zoe


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