The Kiddos

So I'm very pleased with myself (for finally doing it)... and pleased to be able to show you a few pics of my kiddos... all together!!  I don't think I've had a good picture of them all together since V was a newborn.  There is something very satisfying and wonderful about seeing them all lined up :)  oh, joy :)

Alice is turning 8 next month, Elsie is 5 1/2, Sadie is 3 1/2, and V is 18mo.  They are growing like weeds... and once again I find myself without a baby  :(  Oh, how time flies. 


A HAPPY THING from Raising Up Rubies

I received the most impressively beautiful and creative gift last week.... 

Well, let me back up.  Last Spring I came to know the lovely and creative Jaime...  but back then,  the first thing I recognized about her was her love for Christ.   It wasn't until I started doing some design work for her that I realized how much else we had in common!  A friendship formed based on creative whimsy,  pretty patterns, vintage flair, and our Lord :) 

Well, after I finished her blog header, she continued to amaze me as she began to post on her blog!  You must check our her blog... take a look at her craft room... and then you have to see her newly launched Etsy store.  This girl is awesome. 

Anyway... back to the gift.  Like I said, she just opened an Etsy store and she sent me some of the goodies that she's planning on selling there...  take a look :)

Every last detail was perfect... adorable tags on everything, strips of vintage sheets here and there, glassine bags, kraft paper, little hearts everywhere...  made me swoon :)

The box is still on my desk...spilling over with all the happy goodies... It makes me smile every time I look at it... it's most definitely a Happy Thing :)

Thanks again, Jaime!   love you!



Oh, my... I've been meaning to take pics of this room for so long now!  Several months ago, maybe early Spring, hubs and I repainted and totally redecorated this room.   I wish I had before pics... but I wasn't that on the ball :(  It had light brown walls....which when  paired with the dark wood just made the room seem dark and gloomy.  We had an old couch in there and a gigantic old TV... we ditched both and opted for a daybed and no TV instead.

Now it's cheery and bright!  I wanted creamy white walls to reflect all the light from the windows, but I still needed my turquoise/teal color somewhere... so we painted the ceiling!  We put many of the toys away (in tubbies in cupboards elsewhere)... making it easier to keep clean.  My girls don't want to play in crowded messy rooms!  This has helped.  It's such a happy room now!

Anyway... just wanted to share one of my fav rooms in the house!  Enjoy the tour :) 

Hubs said he would make me a base for the daybed like on Pottery Barn... you know with the cubbies to put baskets in... but for lack of time and funds :)  we utilized some old box springs and wrapped them in old chenille blankets.  Works for now... and didn't cost me a dime!

 I am so addicted to vintage books... especially children's books.  I love the look of them.  They have such cheery colors and beautiful illustrations!

When we started redecorating this room, I went on a hunt for cheap, yet charming containers to store little toys in...  I found this set of vintage kitchen tins on Etsy for a wonderfully cheap price!  They were still in good shape, yet not so perfect that I would have a hard time letting my kiddos play with them.  They have been the ideal thing for storing little food items, small plastic animals, etc.

I knew I wanted an area to display the girls' artwork, and immediately thought of clipboards... like you see everywhere :)  But I wanted to spruce them up a bit and make them more "Amy Style".  So I used those old Montgomery Ward catalogs...AGAIN...and pulled out pages that had toys or kid items on them.  I used Mod Podge to adhere and seal them to the clipboards.  I love how they turned out.  It adds just enough charm without looking too busy.

Well that's it, friends!
Hope you enjoyed the tour :)  If you'd like to see more of the house click on the HOME SWEET HOME TOUR button on the side...


Printable Polka Dot Patterns... for making washi tape stickers

Do you remember the mini washi tape stickers I showed you how to make awhile back?  Well, I have 2 new printable patterns for you to use for those! 
I also thought I'd show you another way that I use my mini washi tape stickers...
If you have an Etsy store or just enjoy making cute packages for gifts, these stickers are PERFECT!  I use them constantly for both... :)
I like to print several different patterns on one sheet, then I cut them into strips.  That way they are ready to use anytime!

When I package my scripture art prints for my Esty store, I always include my business card, a hand-written note, and a few stickers all in a sweet little glassine envelope.  I use the mini washi tape stickers to stick the envelop to the front of the packaged print.  I think it looks quite lovely!

To make  your own mini washi tape strips...
First check out my original post HERE.
Then click on the each of the patterns below and save.
Then you're ready to print!
How will you/do you use your washi tape stickers?  I'd love to hear!

*As always...File and finished product are not for resale or profit of any kind.  Please contact me if  you have any questions about usage.


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