Halloween Printable Cards :)

Yeah, yeah, I know... It's probably too late for you to use these cards :(  I made them last week and just never had the time to post them.  That's just how life is these days!   But hey, maybe they will work for someone who is doing things last minute like me!  ... or you can pin them and use them next year :)

Anyway, I hope they make you smile... my daughters helped me design them.  They told me what costumes the animals should have... :)

These cards are 4.25"x 5.5" when folded... they fit standard sized envelopes (A2 or 5 1/2 Bar)


*As always...File and finished product are not for resale or profit of any kind.  Please contact me if  you have any questions about usage.


An Announcement... that probably won't surprise you.

That's right... we are expecting baby #5! 

Our family just got back from KS, where we made the announcement to all of our folks/grandparents.

Oddly enough...even though we had told everyone that we were done with #4... no one was really surprised by our announcement!  Everyone figured we'd have more... (shaking my head)...  apparently they know us better than we know ourselves!  ...kind of annoying... but it made me smile :)

Speaking of assumptions and number of kiddos...  While Jeremy and I were in Kansas we went to a Homecoming dinner for our old Alma Mater.  We sat next to an older couple and made pleasant conversation with them throughout the dinner.  When we were about to leave, the lady asked us if we happen to have any kids.  We told her that we had 4 and were actually expecting our 5th.  She gasped and blatantly looked me up and down.  Then she declared that I was too young to have that many kids.  She then turned to her older couple friends and told them her discovery.  They too examined me and shook their heads.  awkward!  Then the lady stepped forward and asked me one more question,  "Do you homeschool?"   I told her that I did. Then she stuck her pointer finger triumphantly in the air and exclaimed, "I knew it!"

Oh, you have gotta love stereotyping of large families and homeschooling :)
That too made me smile. 

So here we go down another crazy road of life!  I told my mother-in-law yesterday before we headed for home: "I've never experienced a more exhausting time of life... but it's so so rich."

We've never been happier :)

Here is the announcement I made from the photo to give our families....

Blessings to you all,

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