With the new school year here, I decided it was time for a new Chore Chart for my girls!  We've been doing chores on a somewhat regular basis, but I would always just write out a list for them.  They have told me that they NEED a list :)  It helps them attack a mess in a systematic way and they enjoy checking each task off as it's completed.
This is our new Chore Chart... I listed out cleaning responsibilities really specifically (otherwise they don't seem to know where to start!).  I  put the printed chart in a clear sheet protector (Avery brand from Walmart. I cut off the 3 holed strip on the one side) and the girls use Expo Washable Dry Erase Markers to check off the boxes... (yes, the markers are WASHABLE...isn't that wonderful?!!!  I think they're new.)  This way they use the same chart everyday... no re-printing!

I also made a blank Printable version for you!
I left some room at the top for you to doodle your kid's name all fancy-like :)
Just print, fill in chores, slip it into a sheet protector, grab some dry erase markers, and go crazy!

*As always...File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.



a simple gift

Last week was my mom's birthday... 
Without a lot of extra time or money...these days require that gifts are simple and fairly cheap!
So here's what I came up with :)

Hand-drawn doodles on the card and envelope make it sweet... and adds a personal touch

I found some vintage unfinished quilt blocks at a little rummage sale at our church...she loves that kind of stuff!

I enclosed a few current pictures of Virgil, then also printed out the photo strip from my earlier post.
I folded it accordion style, punched little holes in the ends, and tied with baker's twine.
This simple format wouldn't even need a design/photoshop program to create... simply line up your  photos in a word document and print on card stock!

Simple and Cheap!


Reese's Rainbow Family Tree... MEET BLAKE!

So maybe you noticed that I currently have three Reese's Rainbow buttons up on the side of my blog.... Let me introduce one of them that you might not know!  Little Blake, the second one down, is being adopted by a dear friend, Anna, back from Kansas.  So so awesome. 

God began to do a work in Anna's heart through Danielle at Loving Every Moment... (does this sound familiar :) :)   So this is really a home-grown story for many of you! can read about Anna and Danielle's connection HERE on Anna's blog.

Once I again,  on the same note as I posted earlier on this topic, I am so MOVED by what God is doing in the hearts of families... compelling them to adopt.  Just last week I found out about ANOTHER set of friends (over at Breezy Acres Farm) who are going to adopt!!  God is so so GOOD. 

As is true in each of these adoption stories, God is moving and doing a work to make the logistics happen.  This morning I got this email...

Sorry to bug you on a weekend, but KSN News covered our adoption story yesterday and following the news, an anonymous donor challenged 1000 people to comment on my blog at: and they would donate $1 for every comment.  So go comment now!!!  It's free!!  And it's a way to help!!
Thank you SO much.

So of course I'm passing this on to my faithful bloggy friends!  PLEASE go read about their journey and COMMENT ON HER BLOG...  or if you feel your heart being tugged by God, make a donation of your own!  God is doing another amazing work in this family's life and you can be part of it! 

OHH... another thought!  I added that handy-dandy facebook "like" button at the bottom of my posts... "like" this post so that the words spreads even further!! ... pretty please :) :)

Blessings to you all :)

Make Your Own Mini Washi Tape Strips... free printable gingham pattern

So lately I've been busy printing and packaging a whole bunch of goodies for Meg's Craft Weekend...
It occurred to me, as I was putting stuff together, that maybe you all would enjoy a little How-To and free printable pattern for making your own Mini Washi Tape!  I just figured this out awhile ago... and now use it often in packaging my Etsy products.
It's super Cute...super Easy... and much cheaper than real Washi Tape! :)

All you need is:
- 1/2x 1 3/4 inch mailing labels
- printable pattern (I gotcha covered on this one!)
- pinking shears
- color printer

What you do:
1. Just click on the gingham patterns at the end of this post to make them full size and save them to your desktop
2. Open in pretty much any applications... anything that will open a photo (.jpeg file) and allow you to print it full sized (approx. 8 1/2 x 11)
3. Print pattern on label paper
4. Peel off the paper in the margin areas (not the label part) so that just the labels are left.
5. Then cut into strips, with pinking shears,  along edges of each column of labels... as shown in photo.

It's that EASY!  Now you can use them for just about anything!... you can even write on them!

*** You could also do the same thing with round labels and make your own sticker/seals... (like I sell in my store...wink, wink :)

Please leave a comment and let me know what ya think!

Click on pattern images below to view full-sized image... then just save!

Patterns are for personal use only and may not be sold or distributed.


Happy Thing... Doodles on hands and feet :)

I love anything hand-drawn... always have.  For me it's an instant Happy Thing.  Maybe it's because I used to draw, all the time.  Before I discovered Graphic Design, my love was drawing and doodling.  In high school, I used to fill my notebook pages with cute little doodles... scrolly borders, little pictures,  fancy swirly text...  And, I loved to draw on my friends with Sharpies :)  I did this so often, that eventually I gathered a little collection of drawings for my friends and classmates to choose from... it was fun :) 

Well, every now and then I get out the little folder of drawings and doodle on my hand or feet... some pretty little pictures to make me smile and remember those days!  Now occasionally I'll draw some on my girls.  They think it's awesome!  They pick their little picture out of that same folder and they giggle as they try to hold still while I drag that little Sharpie across their skin... it tickles! ...another Happy Thing :)

Things have been very busy and kind of stressful lately (hence my lack of posting), and as a result the kids have been out of sorts for a while now.  So today I took a break from my long list of to-dos.  I painted their toenails and drew some doodles on their hands and feet.  It was fun... it made us all smile :) The pictures served a dual purpose today also... a gentle reminder of some of the things we need to work on in our house :) :)

On a completely different/side note... Virgil was playing on the tile in our entry way today, spit up, then rolled over onto it... big wet, slimy, hilarious mess.  That too, made us all laugh.  Alice hollered,  "Mom, get your camera! You've got to see the disgusting thing Virgil did!"  Oh, how we need those things to make us giggle and laugh! 

Be joyful, laugh, and giggle today...that in itself is a Happy Thing :)


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