It's either going to make you laugh or cry...

You know those things.... in a day as a mom.... that either make you want to laugh or cry????  I thought I'd share a couple of mine lately.

Sadie thinks her diaper is a pocket.  She likes to store money in her pocket.  A few days ago, I smelled a familiar unpleasant smell.  I pulled out the back of her diaper to take a peek and confirm my suspicion.  Yeah... you guessed it.  I saw money... covered in poo.  I lost 94 cents that day.

Yesterday, Elsie came and stood by my desk. "Mommy.." she said.  "I'm going to miss you when I grow up."  Her little chin began to quiver and her eyes teared up.  "Will you come and visit me at my new house?"

"Of course, baby! Anyway, I'm sure you won't miss me that much.  You'll have a husband and babies to keep you company when you grow up" I explained, trying to hide my amusement and trying to act sympathetic.

"But I just love you so much and I'm going to miss you so much!" she managed through what was now a full explosion of tears.  What else can I say to that?! ...Oh, my dear sweet Elsie.  I know God has special plans for that tender little heart, but man, now I know how men feel... She cries at the drop of a hat!  It can be brought on by anything... Grammie and Papa leaving, growing out of a shirt, saying goodbye to the tiger at the zoo, talking about growing up, saying good night to baby Virgil... wow!  I suppose I'm the overly emotional female in Jeremy's life and Elsie is the overly emotional female in my life

Sadie has no standards for her food.  Eating off the floor is completely normal for her.  Well, yesterday I was doing the dishes and some plates had been stacked together with food still in between them.  I attempted to rinse most of the food into the sink, but apparently a blob of sticky rice stuck to the back of a plate. As I loaded the plate into the dish washer, the rice slipped off and fell on the floor.  Sadie came up and accidentally stepped on the blob of rice, which then stuck to her very grimy foot.  Yup.  You guess it again.  She sat down, and before I could stop her, pulled the rice off her foot and popped it into her mouth. Her mmmm... confirmed what she deemed a yummy (although entirely disgusting) decision. 

Sadie was two in December.  She has been showing signs of potty training readiness for about 6 months now.  I have been ignoring those signs.  Well, the other night, Jeremy was at a meeting and I was home with the four kiddos.  At one point I realized I hadn't seen or heard Sadie in awhile.  Red flag.  Sure enough, the bathroom door was closed.  This is what I found inside....... (I know this is nothing new... every mom has  been there... but it's still funny.  Especially when Sadie does it... she's so stinkin' cute!)

She got the diaper off...

Apparently wiped...

Pondered over her pantie selection...

Attempted to put on the selected panties... (this step apparently still needs work.)

And proudly washed her hands... In her mind, a job well done!!



  1. Freaking cutest post of the day. If I had an award to give away for the Freaking Cutest Post, you would win it my love. Those panties aren't looking too comfortable, although, it does remind me of the morning after drinking one too many kamikazes.

  2. Amy you have brought me laughter today! Seeing her cute bottom through those panties was the best.....thanks for sharing. Hoping for success with her potty training. :)

  3. Love this post! E will be 2 in May and potty training is on the agenda! She's starting to randomly take her diaper off too! This is the cutest post!

  4. I love it! So funny, I have gone through all of those and yes you do have to laugh through it or you'll go crazy. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Hey Amy! I tagged you on my blog to share your favorite things:)


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