30 weeks Preggers ... a few snap shots...

Okay!  I gave it my best effort... so these are going to have to do :)  I look as big as a house.  I blame it on the foofy dress.  I am huge, don't get me wrong, but I think these pics make me look even more whale-like than normal!  ha!  Oh, well...

Speaking of being preggers....  I have hit a real wall with my patience, energy, and general amusement with being pregnant!  I still have a solid 2 months left (we scheduled the c-section for April 3)!  I daily waffle between major nesting feelings and not wanting to do anything.  So frustrating!  I need to just keep my head in the game... focus on life now... my kids, homeschooling, my walk with the Lord, my final graphic design projects, the laundry, etc...  but it's hard to not just want to do "baby" things or just sleep!  ...oh, God grant me patience :)


Vintage Airlines Themed Baby Shower Ideas...

Back in September, I helped host a baby shower at our church for a good friend of mine.  She told me she was decorating the nursery in vintage planes... naturally, since her husband is a pilot!  So of course my job was the paper goods... invites and anything else I could come up with that I could make my printer create!  I had a blast... 

I ended up creating boarding pass invites, baggage claim tags (to go on vintage suitcases that we used as decoration), Customs forms for guest to write words of wisdom to the mom-to-be on, cargo labels, flag cupcake toppers, stickers, and water bottle wraps.... all below.

If you'd like to see the boarding pass in more detail click on this image of it below...

We set up the shower like an airplane... with chairs in rows with a center aisle.  We put the snacks and beverages on a cart that ladies wheeled down the aisle, and served them just like flight attendants!  It was so much fun :) 

Hope this inspires you for your next baby boy shower!


A peak into the AmyJ Delightful Household...

I've been trying to take more pics of everyday life again...  So here are a few glimpses into the past month and half, here in our home!  ... along with a few random thoughts :)

Let me just start with the fact that my son is stinkin' naughty... and stinkin' cute.  
He exhausts me daily... and makes me thankful for a little boy, daily.

Then let me add that I have a hard time keeping clothes on my children.  I dress them at the beginning of the day... and then clothes just disappear.  I don't know why.  They just do. 

I've been frustrated with my inability to take some good maternity shots of myself....
For one thing, I just can't take the shots that I see in my head!  I wish I could step out of myself and be in both places :)  Jeremy tried to help me a couple times, but it's nearly impossible to convey what I see in my head to him accurately and then have him actually do it in a technical sense with my camera.  not his fault... it's just how it is.  (I might be pouting a little...)

Then the other thing is... I don't like how I look this pregnancy.  ...started out 10 pounds overweight, and just feel pudgy and round.  ha, ha... that makes me laugh typing that.  oh, well, it's true.

So this shot above was taken during my attempt to get a good shot of my belly.  I never really got a good one... and as you can see V interrupted and I gave up.  Oh, well... I still have a couple months to get a few good pics.

A quick snap shot... better than nothing I guess!

V was sick this day...  don't know why I snapped this, but it does show my belly at around 24weeks. Yes, I'm huge :)

Elsie loves to "read" stories to Sadie...

It doesn't get much cuter than a fuzzy headed little girl cashed out in a big chair :)

This was just yesterday...  So typical: Alice doing her school work and V desperately trying to stay the center of attention.

This was today...  V likes to climb up into my computer chair and stand behind me.  He wraps his little arms around my neck and goes from side to sides asking for kisses :)  love it.   ... had my camera on the desk, so I asked him to pose with me.

That's it!
I'll keep trying on the maternity pics thing... hopefully I'll get a good shot or two to show you the awesomeness of my belly in all it's enormity :) 


A Printable New Years Verse for you!

Happy New Year!...  slightly late.
To start this year off, I thought I'd pass along a verse of encouragement for the year ahead.  ... a free 5x7 scripture art print...

It is found in the first chapter of Joshua, when the Israelites are getting ready to cross over into the Promised Land.  It was a new beginning for them, full of hope and anticipation mixed with fear of the unknown challenges ahead.  Just like each new year for us...

So as you face this new year, I encourage you to place your trust and hopes... along with all your fears in the God who holds the days ahead.  Be encouraged by his word and his promises!
Be Strong and Courageous.... for he is with you.

DOWNLOAD as a JPEG ...Click on image above (to see full size/high-resolution) and save to your computer.


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