HOME SWEET HOME... The Girls' Room Tour

You know, I don't think I could ever tire of pretty little girls' rooms!  They are just so happy...

I'm so glad that I have three little girls... that means lots of girly decorating yet to be done!

And can you imaging the fun I'm going to have with their weddings!!!!  oh, the thought...
3 WEDDINGS...  (wow... okay, Amy, this is about decorating... not future weddings of now teeny tiny girls!)

Anyway... back to pretty girly decorating...

Enjoy the tour!  (and don't forget to peak back at some of the other rooms in the HOME SWEET HOME or Decorating categories)

If you want to see a few new additions to the room... you might enjoy this post, too :)


PRINTABLE Menus for Playing Restaurant

... so if you ever wonder how I'm doing... check how recently (or how long it's been since) I've posted on my blog!
With that being said... I just have 2 things to say on the subject...
Life is Nuts
Life is Good.

But...I have something fun for the kiddos to do during this crazy summer heat...
and it's FREE :) ... of course.

Let me explain... towards the beginning of summer I was trying to come up with something fun for my girls to do, that encouraged independent creative play.
So I had the idea to make some play restaurant menus and tickets so that the girls could pretend to order food like at a restaurant!
Kids can order from the menu and a designated waitress/waiter records the order on the ticket by circling the food items...
Add some play (or real) money to the mix and it becomes quite educational, too, as they add up the cost of their meals...

I think they're pretty cute... and the girls have had a blast with them.

This time the files are just .jpeg images... large enough to print on full 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  Just click on the image so that you can view it full size, then save!

Print the menu front and back, ideally on card stock.  I recommend: Wausau 40508 Neenah Exact Index, 110 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 250 Sheets, White, 94 Bright

Print the tickets on regular paper, cut (on the gray lines) and staple together into a pad.  I recommend: HP Printer Paper, Premium32, 8.5 x 11, Letter, 32 lb, 100 Bright – 500 Sheets / 1 Ream (113100R) Made In The USA
Hand 'em over to the kiddos and you've got at least 45min. to yourself!

Let me know if you have any questions about how to use them... my brain is foggy... I might be leaving important info out! :)

And please, if you don't mind :) leave a comment and let me know if you plan on using them!  

*As always...File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.


Am I still young?

So here's the deal.
I'm 28... will be 29 in October.
I've been married 9 years.
I have 4 kids... under 7 years of age.

I feel old!  Not because of my age...
maybe because I have 4 kiddos?

maybe because I'm tired all the time.

maybe because I can't bounce back after staying up late anymore.

maybe because I don't really think plastic forks stuck in my yard, oreos all over my garage door, car, and mailbox, and plastic wrap everywhere are really that funny.  (that happened to our house last night.)

maybe because I'm not losing my post-baby weight as quickly as the other times. 

maybe because I rarely feel like I can "tackle the world" anymore.

maybe because I'm stressed and crazy busy all the time.

But I'm ONLY 28!  ...that's not actually old at all.  Some people aren't even married yet at this age! 

I don't want to feel old... and tired... (big sigh.)

What happened?? 

JJ and I's anniversary was Wednesday... Jeremy's mom was here and she offered to watch the kids so we could go on a date.  It was really sweet of her.
We decided to go to a late movie after the kids were in bed so that we could enjoy her a bit and not subject her to Virgil's screaming tendencies. 

After the movie, at 1:00am, we were both dead tired.  We are accustomed to staying up late... but this was like the 5th night in a week and a half that I'd stayed up super late (two of which were around 4am).
BUT... we felt so pathetic!  It was our anniversary and we didn't want to just head home!  So... we grabbed some Red Bull and made a bee line for Walmart. 

This was the result... our somewhat pathetic attempt to feel young :) :)

"Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
   they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:30-31


You Are My Sunshine Free PRINTABLE...

Well, it's a sunny day in Edmond...  stinkin' hot actually :)

Today is JJ and I's 9 year anniversary... Jeremy's mom came down from Kansas to watch the girls so that we can have a little date tonight... Yea!!!  

So... I'm just saying "Hi" and leaving you with a little gift!  This time my printable for you is straight out of my ETSY SHOP!  This is a sheet of the mini prints like I sell in my store...  I have several other designs available... and I'll make any of my regular 8x10 Scripture prints into mini version, by your request for no extra charge :) 

These are great to use as gift tags, party favors,  add to a greeting card or gift, thank you's for Etsy shop owners to put in their packages, hang on the fridge or bulletin board, etc... 

Enjoy these now (I might not leave this printable up forever... perhaps just for a couple weeks)  and hop on over to my store to pick up some other designs sometime! 

Print on card stock, photo paper, or any other slightly thicker paper... and pass on the Sunshine!!

File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.


Little V is 5 Months!

Last Friday V reached the 5 month mark!  Wow... it really is true that the time passes more quickly with each child... cra-zi-ness!  Wasn't he just born?

So... V man these days likes to...
cry alot,
get up on his knees and attempt to crawl,
cry alot,
and yeah... that's about it.

I don't know if it's just a phase... but he hasn't been happy much lately :(  Doc said at his 4 mo. apt that he isn't going to cut teeth for awhile... so I don't know why he's such a grumpy bunny!  He's been such a good baby up until lately.  Oh, well...  can a baby have an ear infection with no other symptoms besides crankiness?

Regardless, he's still precious, still a blessing... love that little man!!


Keeper of My Heart... a BIG giveaway!

I have had a super busy week!  ...lots of projects...lots of company... not very much Jeremy (he was gone for 5 days)...  not much sleep!  But I'm alive and kickin' and ready to get to work today... 

First off for today... I want to share what is on my heart!
A Praise and an Opportunity...

Have you noticed... what God has been doing lately?  He's been stirring, moving, awakening hearts...  He has led so many families into adoption!   And I am so excited! 

As I hear and read about all these adoptions I have come to realize a few things in a new way....

-God is powerful, and so capable of accomplishing the impossible.

-God is in our blogging... if we allow Him, He will use any and every aspect of our lives to accomplish His purposes. 

-If we submit our lives to God it often takes us out of our comfort zones and can be down right scary!

-The Joy that comes as a result of each of these is a gift and a promise. 

"This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.... I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."  John 5:8,11-12

So I urge you... all those sweet families that are engaging in the adoption process... join them!  Read their stories, pray for them by name, give of your money, time, and resources... BE A PART OF THE JOY!!  It is an opportunity to "bear fruit,  showing yourselves to be (His) disciples!" 

So JOIN ME.. as we "love each other" and help...  TODAY... head on over to One Day at a Time.
Amy is doing a massive giveaway to raise funds for the adoption of sweet Davis.  The KEEPER OF MY HEART GIVEAWAY began yesterday... so hurry on over!

There are INCREDIBLE PRIZES to be won! ...and love to be shown...

AND... consider what else God might be asking you to do...  are you being called to give of your time, money, resources, energies here or in other areas of your life??  ... are you being called to adopt? 

I can't hardly wait to see what God does next.... :)

Blessings and joy for the day!

Looking Back... a KS HOME TOUR... our bedroom

I was looking for a certain photo the other day... from our old house in KS.  In the process, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of photos of our house I had taken for this blog way back when I first started it.  I had made little collages of each room of our house... but they were small and hard to see...  And many pictures didn't make it into the tiny collages! 

So I can't resist...
I just have to show you... my home back in KS.

It was a craftsman style bungalow that had been completely redone... using old wood and fixtures...it was adorable, adorable, adorable.  It was a gift to get to rent it for 2 years.
My decorating style was makeshift and random... I was used to making do in rentals... but we were allowed to paint in this rental, which was a first for me!

This was the home where Elsie took her first steps...where we lost Sophie... where Sadie was born... where we felt God's call into ministry...  This home was such a significant part of our lives. 

Anywho!  On with the tour!



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