I'm not supposed to do this...

Hmmm... When my mother-in-law was still here a few weeks ago (the first week we moved in), I told her and JJ one night..."Okay, I'm only going to say this once. But I hate this wall color. I thought it was okay, but I really think it's ugly." - or something similar to that. So I'm not sticking to the only saying it once thing. I'm telling you all now... I daily struggle with the color of the walls (and ceiling) in my new house. It's a rather yucky neutrally yellowish beige color. It's so close to being an okay color, but it's not. And EVERY WALL, CORNER, CLOSET, AND THE CEILING is painted that color! I wouldn't be bringing this up right now if it wasn't for the fact that I was surfing some blogs tonight and ran across this picture. It made me so sad :( That sweet little nursery is the exact same turquoisy blue as Sadie's nursery was.... Oh how I miss my turquoise paint!!!!!

Okay... I said it to the world (well at least a decent number of friends), and now I really am going to stick with my original commitment. No more bad mouthing the color of my walls. Happy thoughts from here on out :) Thanks for listening....


Hi! It's been so long since I've been able to sit down and do much of anything on the computer... It has been so crazy here (in Edmond, OK...can you believe it ?! ) since we moved in. Last night Jeremy and I counted up that today would only be the 4th day, living in this house, that we have been alone... yeah. And we moved the last weekend of Feb. ! First off, we had construction workers in our house for 2 weeks pretty much straight... a steady stream of family... and some visitors.... Except for the construction workers, it was wonderful to have help, company, and the distraction of others to get us through the first month of living here. Yet, I must admit it feels so good to have a few moments to myself now! (disclaimer: this in no way means that I don't want company... please come and visit any time!!!!!)
The house is starting to feel like a home... I think I'll enjoy living here. Some days, though, I do have to make a conscious effort not to think about how it compares to our old home in Hillsboro. I loved that house... it was so me. (check out pics of it under Our Little Home) But I just have to be thankful that I was able to enjoy it for those 2 years. It really was fun to get to live there. As soon as I'm done decorating our house here, I'll be sure to post some pictures. This house may not feel familiar and it may not warm me with its charm yet... but as I watch my girls run from room to room, play and laugh, and as we all sit around the dinner table, I am very aware that God has plans for us. God has blessings for us... here.
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