Alice and Elsie's Room

Just in the past few months, Alice and Elsie (the older two) have started sharing a bed. They share/fight over everything- so why not their bed too? They're quite precious, sleeping like little angels in their HUGE bed :)

Fabric Covered Buckets

For the past two and half months I've been haunted by the fact that I haven't started my crafting for the Arts & Crafts Fair in September. Last year was the first year that my sister-in-law, Lori Jordan and I produced and sold a variety and nursery and home decor items. I've purchased all my supplies and my spot in the fair is waiting... but I've really yet to begin doing anything!!!! It's not that I'm just procrastinating... I just haven't had a moment... not hardly a second to catch my breath and say "hmmm... what could I fill this time with?" I guess I need to stop waiting for that moment and just make some time. I'm gonna have to!!! As a teaser, I'm posting some pictures of a few of last years items. The products are the same, the fabrics just change... although there are a few left overs from last year. The pictures are mostly our fabric covered buckets...which I love, because who doesn't need cute organizational stuff?! We also make hanging garlands, alphabet blocks, fabric covered photo mats, and adorable wall art...Later, once I finally get movin', I'll post our current selection... with our fun new fabrics for this year!

My mother-in-law, Brenda Jordan, is also quite creative and talented in her ability to sew and design/make baby clothes and accessories. She currently travels to sell her work at various craft shows and fairs. Among the items she makes are fleece jackets, caps, blankets, changing pads, burp cloths and numerous other cute things... I've always printed signs and business cards for her, and just recently I redid her design. It's simple, fun, cute... just like her stuff! She always has a booth at the Arts & Crafts Fair in Hillsboro... you'll have to check it out come September!

Hannah and Daniel's Wedding

At the end of June, I enjoying being able to take the pictures for Hannah and Daniel Miller's wedding. Both Hannah and Daniel were in MBY(youth group) when we were sponsors. It was kinda neat to get to be a part of their day... The pictures were taken at the arboretum in Hesston....

Saturday photo fun...

Decided to try and take some pictures of the older girls today. Always a challenge- since they're at that age where they don't want to sit still or really cooperate at all... so as a result, Alice (my oldest) has a annoyed look on her face in most of the pictures that I took. Oh, well. It captures this stage for what it's worth. Elsie on the other hand, always has time for at least a mischievous grin and dancing eyes. They both are quite priceless in my opinion.
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