Make stickers out of vintage papers....

Hello Friends!  Sorry that I've been MIA...  that's how summer is, you know?
I've been wanting to show you another idea I have for using vintage catalogs, magazines, books, papers, etc... 

You'll Need:
•vintage paper (anything you like!)
•sticker paper sheets (you can buy these lots of places... I got mine at Staples.)
•3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive

All you do is spray the backside of your vintage paper and the front side of your sticker paper... and smooth together!  Then just cut out your shapes... Easy Peasy!


Happy Thing: Cozy Yellow Chenille...

Nothing is more cheery to me (as far a bedding goes!) than a fluffy yellow and white chenille bedspread with dangly fringe!   This is my summer bedding... we ditch the comforter and the fancy shams for just the chenille spread and vintage pillow cases.  (You can see the rest of the room...Winter style... here.)  They're more livable and washable!  ...perfect for summer living...  Definitely a Happy Thing :) 


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