I don't know if you'd call it a success.

Well, I'm back in Kansas.  JJ is counseling for another youth camp, which happens to be in my home town.  So I'm camping out in my parent's basement with the girlies.
I was in the mood to take some pictures today...but my parent's abide in a 50s ranch style home.
Not so many windows- kinda hard to take any indoor pictures.  So...
I dragged some of my moms cool junk outside and had a go.
I didn't think it through.
I was in a hurry.
I'm not really pleased at all with the quality of the pictures (stupid sun patches aarrrgg).
they are amusing.
And they have a charm of their own.

But they are mine...the girlies.
Any they're cute...regardless  :)

 The Chairs 

      "Okay, we're here. Why are we doing this?"


Hey now there's the excitement...too bad it's completely out of control!  ...typical. 

 "You go over there!"  ...such a first born.

Perfect little ladies...with very fake smiles.


 The grass apparently is more interesting than the task at hand.

Switch!...if you can, with all that hair in your face.

 I don't know what Alice was saying...but that is not the face of a child who thinks her mother is competent.

Hey! They all look normal!

What do you know...they look like they're having fun!  And like they love each other!
See that mystery arm reaching into the picture?  It's my mom's.  10 seconds later that arm barely caught Sadie as she flipped backwards off the stool.  Oh, what a mom won't do for a picture. :) 

Well, it was a memory... and it killed 20 minutes before bedtime.  All in all, not completely a waste :)


Giveaway over at AshleyAnn's...for my stuff!

Yep! Ashley Ann is hosting a giveaway for me!  So head on over and comment for a chance to win.

I also added some new stuff last night: stickers/seals, mailing labels, and 2 new children's scripture prints. You'll want to check out my store,too...just in case you win and need to use your store credit :)

Happy Looking...hope you have a spectacular day :) !

Oh, and by the way... I was thinking a few craft tutorials might be fun in the weeks ahead.  Everyone gets crafty in the summer, right?  I've got  a whole stack of things I'd like to show you... For those of you who have attended the famous Hillsboro Arts and Crafts fair, I'm going to pass on the "know how" for some of those items!  Should be fun!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out this old post... A&C Fair 2009


Weird things on the walls

My mom bought me an old little painted crib for Christmas... At that time there was no child small enough to sleep in it.  Not to mention it was a death trap in numerous ways: lead paint, low rails, poky nails randomly sticking out and a mattress that would sporadically just drop out.  So why did she buy it for me? Well, in my mother's defense, she didn't intend for me to put a child of mine in it.  Rather someone else's :)  It was supposed to be a photography prop...  You see, prior to the purchase I had borrowed a small crib of hers for Sadie.  She was at that age where she wouldn't sit or stand still for me than 2 seconds and I wanted a picture of all three girls together.  So I pinned her up... in a crib.  It made, I think, adorable pictures!  Anywho... the deathly crib:  we moved and I'm not really taking pictures much here anymore.  So we took apart and crib and decided to repurpose it.  Tonight I put it up on the wall... well part of it.  Maybe someday I'll put it back together and subject some poor child to it for a photography shoot.  We'll see :)  For now, I thought I'd just let you see what you can do with a dangerous old crib.

If you want to see more of the pictures from this shoot click HERE... they're really cute :)

What kind of weird stuff do you hang on the wall?  I'd love to hear!

It never goes according to plan...

Hello All!  I feel like I've been absent for a long time!  I last posted in KS and shortly after that post I got sick... and spent the remainder of my time in and out of bed :(
So I didn't take any more fun pictures.
I didn't have follow my kids around and take pictures of my hometown.
I didn't really do much of anything!
Oh, well... it was still wonderful to see family (and bonus...they helped watch the kids while I was sick!).
It's all good though: I'm going BACK to KS in a week. JJ has another camp to be at and it happens to actually be IN my hometown!  Perfect... I'll get a second go at it all!  Hopefully I'll be able to bring back some good stories and photos to share.

So this week.... it's crazy busy!!
A custom bracelet order to fill.
Email catch-up.
Try to find a moment to actually see my husband (he's busy too catching up with church stuff..).
Add a few things to my store in prep. for a giveaway that Ashley Ann is hosting for me on Friday.
And pack all over again...

So if I don't chat with you much...that's why :)

Blessings till after the chaos subsides!

Happy Things in KS...and a not so happy thing

I'm in Kansas this week... JJ is with the youth group at Senior High camp in Colorado, so I'm visiting the fam. Both of our families are from the same town... it's very convenient!    The first part of the week I'm spending on the farm with his family... this place is the source of many Happy Things!  I love everything about it here... I thought I'd share just a few.

The Living room...full of old charm and antiques... so beautiful.

The Bathroom... I absolutely LOVE the character... especially the floor :)

And now, the not so happy thing... 
ahhh, Sadie... she's always into something.  On this particular day, this was the 4th or 5th major mess that she made!!!  AHAHH!
I know I said it's not a happy thing, but when it's all said and done (and the mess is cleaned up)... I always end up smiling at it all.   Even messes can be Happy Things... when they're made by something so cute.  :)

Our Kitchen... here in Edmond

When we lived in Kansas, I took a week or so and photographed our entire house- room by room.  It was a lot of work!!  But is was so worth it... I now have a wonderful collection of photos to document our home, which is just a memory now :(    (See the Our Little Home back in KS) .  So I figured I should do it here also... even if it's not my dream home, it's still home and I do want to remember it.  It's also fun to get to share it with you :)  It might take me awhile to get through the whole house... some of it's not even completely decorated yet.  But here's the kitchen... nothin' fancy, but it's mine!

btw... the picture on the fridge is my dad and me when I was 5... my daughter's age :)

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