Custom print...Teddy Bear and Little Bird :)

Just thought I'd share a custom print with you that I did this week... I created a special bear and bird graphic that I just adore :) 
As always... let me know what you would like me to design for you!
Enjoy :)


Sweet Faces... and the end of summer

Tonight we had a pool party with some young families from our church... it was wonderful to sit and chat, soak up the sun, and enjoy all the happy faces of children splashing in the pool.  I'm addicted to close-ups of sweet little faces...especially their sparkly eyes :)   Little faces say so much... soak in and enjoy the snap-shots of these precious kiddos...

... Tonight was just once example of the blessings we enjoy from being part of a church family.  I would encourage you, if you don't already, to seek out a place to worship Christ and fellowship with other believers.  The Christian life wasn't meant to be tackled alone!  If you're ever in the Edmond, OK area... stop on by Memorial Road Mennonite Brethren Church.  We're on the corner of Memorial and Coltrane.... I'll be there along with all these cute little faces and their parents!



I've been having fun designing lately... and as a result, my Etsy store is packed with fun goodies!
Just lately, I designed two new nursery prints, a  bird family and an owl family... these feature a little one's name and birth date (perfect for a shower gift :) ).
Also I've added 2 styles of personalized return address stickers... cute and funky pattern filled birds and also sweet love birds...  AND... the love bird return address stickers have a matching personalized note card set available, too.
Doesn't somebody you know deserve a gift to say "I love you" ?   ... well, I think so :) 

And as always... let me know if I can design something for you personally!  I always love a designing a good birth announcement, party invite, or whimsy business goodies :) ... among other things!



Okay, here's the first preggo pic for you...  I was reluctant to post one already, lest you judge me :)  Yeah, I've got a nice little bump already.  BUT, it's number four, and I've always been quicker to show than many... So it is what it is! 

And a couple pics of Sadie... that I took at the same time... because you can't go wrong with cute naked baby pictures :)


IF.... I had a boy

I'm torn.
There's a big part of me, this pregnancy, that wants a boy. Jeremy, too.
Reasons being:
I don't have one :)
Something new.
At little boy with curly hair would be super cute.
I think Jeremy doesn't even know how much he would love it...

What would I do with a boy????
My life is girly things... would I adapt to a little man?
Okay, and then there's the savings.
If it was a girl, I wouldn't have to buy a single thing.  Nice, very nice.
AND... where would I put him?  Our home is rather small.
He'd have to share a room with the girls :)  Poor guy.
Have you seen there room?  It is the epitome of girliness.
Look for exactly could I put a BOY in this room?
Good thing I don't get to decide :)

I trust you Lord, either way... but if it's a boy, please don't let him suffer psychological trauma due to all the pink and frills.  And please help me not to dote on him...too much.  And please don't let me become so charmed with his curls that I let them develop into a toddler mullet... give me eyes to see that especially. :)


New Bracelet Styles

Hello all! 
So a  friend of mine over at It's a Darn Good Life mentioned my baby bracelets :)
She's super sweet and a really talented photographer... you should go say hi!
Anyway, her post reminded me that I've been meaning to show you a couple new bracelet styles.
I posted them on Etsy in my store tonight.

Surely some little sweet heart in your life needs a sparkly bracelet... surely :)

To see more bracelet styles available... see my Baby and Children's Bracelets page


Mini photo shoot

My mom's birthday is on Sunday, so I decided to take some pictures of the girls and make a collage to frame and give her...
I decided this today, around 11 am.
I needed to get the gift in the mail by 5.
So... we rushed around, and did a very quick photo shoot over lunch.
That's how it always is when I take my girls' pictures.  Always rushed, never planned in advance.
I've only planned a photo shoot for them once.  Isn't that awful!!
Oh, well. That's life.
I got a few good shots... but I didn't get one of all the girls together looking normal.  Typical.

But, I took the photos, edited the photos, and threw them into Adobe Illustrator and created a collage/picture/greeting thing.  And I got it in the mail.  Hopefully it will get there by her birthday... most likely it will get there Monday :(   But it's DONE!

So enjoy the photos...


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