Happy Things

Happy Things that make up life as I know it... little things I see throughout the day that make me smile! Here's #1: Glass knobs in general are a happy thing, but colored glass knobs... even more wonderful!!! These green knobs found a home on this dresser shortly after our first baby was born. We had bought this dresser at an auction and spruced it up a bit...painting the top a fresh green and adding green glass knobs. I wanted the glass knobs so badly, but they're expensive, you know! So they were my entire Christmas present that year from my mom... They always make me smile when I see them :) Now if I could only find turquoise glass knobs... now that would really be a Happy Thing!

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Sunlight on my Sadie

Life finally is starting to feel like normal again... it has taken me all of a week and a half to get my house back in order after my crafting marathon! Today the sun was shining into the kitchen and Sadie was being cute... so I grabbed the camera! It's so nice to feel like I can stop for a few minutes and do something recreational, like taking pics, when I feel the urge. A few weeks ago, I would not have stopped.... Does anyone else feel like time is frozen when you see your children covered in warm sunlight? I always have to pause, and sometimes grab the camera, when the sun hits those precious faces and makes them look like the angels that they are. It's like those golden rays pouring in on my girls makes me see them for what they truly are... perfect gifts given to us by an awesome creator, who desperately wants us to stop and enjoy his tender craftsmanship.

Wow, it's finally over!! Now that the Arts & Crafts fair is done I can get on with life!! I have so many ambitions with photography, graphic design, and other creative endeavors. Where to begin? After Adelynn, my niece, was born I designed her birth announcement. Now I love graphic design of any kind, but I love the stationary, invitation, announcement side of it the most. Especially when it involves babies!!! As you know, I do freelance graphic design work... but I want to put an official invitation out there to let me design your next little one's birth announcement! Oh, the fun! All my work is based off my clients desires and tastes, so you could be assured of a unique design that screams your style... okay, done with my promo :) Oh, wait, I'm not quite done... be sure to have me take newborn pictures to use in the announcement, too! :) I hope to have formal pricing for both my G.D. work and my photography services up on the blog soon.... if you're interested before then, just give me a holler! (all you local followers, at least...)


We have a new location for our booth at the Hillsboro Arts and Crafts Fair.... we have been reassigned to our old spot from last year- 2nd block down South from Grand (on Main), on the West side of the street, in front of where Reimer Cars was... So hard to explain! Hope to see you there :)

Arts & Crafts Fair 2009

Our decorative picture frames made from old books covered in fabric... so fun and unique!

8X10 picture frame mats...no more blah framed photos! (the newest fabrics aren't shown, but they're the same as on the buckets)  TUTORIAL FOR FABRIC MATS HERE :)
Room Garlands...these match some of the wall butterflies

Wall Butterflies

These are the newest patterns/colors for the wall butterflies... so fun and bright!

Boy blocks... I haven't painted the letters on them yet, but I'll get it done...hopefully :)

Girl Blocks... I have a full supply of all the letters and I've also left some blank so that I can paint needed letters on the spot at the show.

Canvas Wall Art... Some are in an unfinished state, as you can see....

They all pretty much coordinate with each other... that way, buy one or five, and you have a custom look that works together for your little one's room... Perfect! (I just love these!!)

Desk, bathroom, or diaper stand organizers... 3 cute little cups to organize just about anything...all in a matching tray.

Fabric covered storage buckets... these are the best! They brighten up a room and organize...you can't get much better than that!

Well, the fair is just a few days away and I'm ready to be done! I love creating, but I love being a mom more. Time to go back to my most important job :) Come check out our booth on September 19 in Hillsboro, KS. The pictures show many of our items, but by no means everything! So you'll have to take a look for yourself. This year we're in a new spot: 2nd block South of Grand (on Main) facing East right in front of Hillsboro Ford... did you get that? :) Brenda's Satin and Fleece, my mother-in-law, is right beside us. Also a new spot for her this year. She sells very sweet baby items also: jackets, caps, blankets, changing pads, etc...
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