Sunlight on my Sadie

Life finally is starting to feel like normal again... it has taken me all of a week and a half to get my house back in order after my crafting marathon! Today the sun was shining into the kitchen and Sadie was being cute... so I grabbed the camera! It's so nice to feel like I can stop for a few minutes and do something recreational, like taking pics, when I feel the urge. A few weeks ago, I would not have stopped.... Does anyone else feel like time is frozen when you see your children covered in warm sunlight? I always have to pause, and sometimes grab the camera, when the sun hits those precious faces and makes them look like the angels that they are. It's like those golden rays pouring in on my girls makes me see them for what they truly are... perfect gifts given to us by an awesome creator, who desperately wants us to stop and enjoy his tender craftsmanship.

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