Me.... right now.

I've been wanting to have JJ snap another photo or two of me all big and preggers before I have this baby... but my favorite lens is broken and I am waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail (hopefully in time to take with us to the hospital!!).  BUT, just in case something would happen before my scheduled c-section, I had JJ take a quick photo of me with my other lens.... I was actually dressed, with hair done.... this doesn't happen more than twice a week these days!  (On a side note, you can also see my haircut.... yeah... it was supposed to be chin length... oh, well.  I still think I like it enough.) 

I'm also excited because JJ finished painting the nursery last night!!  Yeah!  I can finally set up/decorate this little guys room!!  This week is going to be fun... I finally get to focus in on baby preparations.  I think I might actually be having a baby in a little over a week!!!    So I'll try to post a pic of nursery when I get things set up later this week... FUN!


We're In!

Well, we made it into our new house!
I can't even describe to you how much I love it...  I don't know if you remember, but I was never fond of that rental that we moved out of.  Especially the color of the walls...and ceiling.... yuck.  (if you care to refresh your memory, here's the post)
I feel like this house is a gift... a pure and wonderful gift.  This past year has been very hard for me.  Life has changed so much.  We left our home and family, entered into full time ministry, moved to a new town, new church, new friends....
I would call myself an adventurous person, but for some reason this all was especially hard. And oddly enough, the "home" part was one of the toughest things for me to adjust to.  I do everything at home.  I'm kind of a homebody.  I stay at home with my girls, home school, and have a home business... And I also happen to get a lot of enjoyment out of decorating the spaces I live in.  It never felt comfortable...settled... at home in that rental.
But now God has given us the gift of a comfortable home.  We were not expecting to buy a home here so quickly, but God lined up every single detail.  It was nothing short of a miracle... sometime I'll share the story with you all in more detail.  But for now... I'm just stating how incredibly grateful I am for this amazing gift.  ...just in time for baby, too :)

Here's perhaps my favorite room... it's far from decorated, but it is functioning as my workspace/office.  Check out the HUGE window.... love, love, love it.   And it was already painted that wonderful aqua green color!!!!  perfect.

The other room that is obviously getting alot of attention right now is the nursery.  Baby boy Jordan is scheduled to arrive by c-section February 8... 2 weeks from today!!!!  And this is what the nursery still looks like :(  We painted the walls a cool gray color, but we are still working on the wood work.  What a pain.  JJ is still trying to figure out the best method for painting it...

I also wanted to show you what I'm thinking for bedding/and color scheme for the room.  My mom-in-law is going to make the bumper pad , bed skirt, etc...
This is the bedding I would love to buy... but alas... I could never afford it!

Here's some fabric I found that I really love... I think I'll do the bumper pad out of the cars... with the orange polka dots on the inside... and the skirt the funky blue print.

Anywho... lots to do!!!  I haven't even begun the other "normal" baby preparations.... wash clothes and bedding, get out car seat, set up cradle, pack bag.... I suppose it will get done eventually!


Call me Crazy

Call me crazy... but I just couldn't let the Valentine's Day season approach without designing something for it!!! Yes, I have other things I should be doing...
No, I don't have extra energy for "frivolous" activities....
Yes,  I already stay up waaaay too late...

BUT... it's fun!!  And I can't leave my Etsy store void of Valentine's Day cheer altogether!!!

So here's what I came up with: (you'll recognize the Elephant Valentine from last year.... I was strategic with my use of time!  May as well use something that I already had!!)


I'm still here... kinda.

Hey... I do still have a blog... kinda forgot about it!   So here's what's goin' on:

-We barely survived December.  My family and I have been sick pretty much all of December.  We had two of the little ones puking on Christmas Eve and Christmas day... which we spent apart from family for the first time ever!  Between sickness, filling Etsy orders, and getting ready for our own Christmas events, it was just completely NUTS!

-We're moving... to a new house in Edmond. We're schedule to move in 2 weeks.  I just started packing today.  Ha!

-Baby is scheduled for a C-section arrival on February 8.  Yeah... packing isn't going so well 8 months into pregnancy.  I have no energy at all to speak of.  But somehow it will get done!

-Still trying to keep up with the three other kiddos, a little homeschooling, the laundry, and my Etsy store. 

-It's one of those times in life when everything is WONDERFUL... there's just a lot of wonderful to handle right now :) 

All to say... I'll be back eventually!!! Hopefully the next thing you see on this blog is our new home and our new baby boy.  :)   I can't wait :)  

Thanks for being patient!

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