I'm still here... kinda.

Hey... I do still have a blog... kinda forgot about it!   So here's what's goin' on:

-We barely survived December.  My family and I have been sick pretty much all of December.  We had two of the little ones puking on Christmas Eve and Christmas day... which we spent apart from family for the first time ever!  Between sickness, filling Etsy orders, and getting ready for our own Christmas events, it was just completely NUTS!

-We're moving... to a new house in Edmond. We're schedule to move in 2 weeks.  I just started packing today.  Ha!

-Baby is scheduled for a C-section arrival on February 8.  Yeah... packing isn't going so well 8 months into pregnancy.  I have no energy at all to speak of.  But somehow it will get done!

-Still trying to keep up with the three other kiddos, a little homeschooling, the laundry, and my Etsy store. 

-It's one of those times in life when everything is WONDERFUL... there's just a lot of wonderful to handle right now :) 

All to say... I'll be back eventually!!! Hopefully the next thing you see on this blog is our new home and our new baby boy.  :)   I can't wait :)  

Thanks for being patient!


  1. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when my parents moved for seventh time in five years, 34 years ago, my mother couldn't figure out WHY she was so tired and had so little energy, given that she had so much experience moving. It turned out that she was just 1 month pregnant :-)

  2. "A lot of wonderful to handle right now!" I love it! For me, I love having everyone home and seeing the kids interact together, but two adults, three grown teenagers, and a five year old (and all her toys!) make for a crowded, busy home!
    Miss you. We are praying for all of you.

  3. good luck with everything... baby! move! everything!


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