Me.... right now.

I've been wanting to have JJ snap another photo or two of me all big and preggers before I have this baby... but my favorite lens is broken and I am waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail (hopefully in time to take with us to the hospital!!).  BUT, just in case something would happen before my scheduled c-section, I had JJ take a quick photo of me with my other lens.... I was actually dressed, with hair done.... this doesn't happen more than twice a week these days!  (On a side note, you can also see my haircut.... yeah... it was supposed to be chin length... oh, well.  I still think I like it enough.) 

I'm also excited because JJ finished painting the nursery last night!!  Yeah!  I can finally set up/decorate this little guys room!!  This week is going to be fun... I finally get to focus in on baby preparations.  I think I might actually be having a baby in a little over a week!!!    So I'll try to post a pic of nursery when I get things set up later this week... FUN!



  1. You look beautiful! Can't wait to hear the baby news. Have fun decorating his room. :)

  2. Hi! Beautiful pic of you!
    I've just started following your blog. :)
    Good luck with the birth of your little one. What a blessing from God!!

  3. You look beautiful! But, you ALWAYS do. Miss you, and praying for a safe delivery!

  4. Hope you have a great delivery!


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