Adelynn and Makenzie

I almost forgot! I've been so busy I haven't had much time for blogging.... I posted my pics from this weekend, but forgot about the new pics of my new baby niece Adelynn. Last Tuesday Jon and Lori came over and we attempted to get a few more of her for the birth announcement and also a few of Makenzie, the big sis. Unfortunately circumstances were stacked against our efforts! The sun was disappearing too quickly and the weather was miserably hot with excessive mosquitoes... not good for taking pictures of a newborn! Oh, well. We still came away with a few good shots and of course it was fun just to see their sweet little family.

Picture perfect...

Jeremy and I had a wonderful weekend... we went to Lawrence to see my brother and his family and then enjoyed a recharging and relaxing Sunday. While in Lawrence I snapped a few pics of Hannah my niece... when she smiles, her face shines like a little angel- so precious. Then of course, a few more of my girls. I'm amazed that my girls give me smiles anymore... I take so many pictures of them! I could take a million pictures of Sadie, my nine month old. She is full of fresh innocent energy... discovering everything and expressing her delight with a toothy grin. So much fun.

So Blessed

Some days I look at my girls' faces and become so aware and overwhelmed with how blessed I am. All I can do is say "Thank You", to a God who has created all things beautiful and allowed me to treasure a few of those creations: Alice, Elsie, and Sadie. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord. You have been so good to me.

On Grandma's Swings

We often go out to Grandma's farm and enjoy the swings... Elsie especially just can't get enough of them!

3 days old

My husband's brother just welcomed a new little one into their family 3 days ago. Tonight we got to see her for the first time!! Jon and Lori now have two girls...Adelynn is their newest... and she is absolutely precious. So of course I took a few pictures! We'll have to take a few more next week when big sister Makenzie can be in them too.
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