As is tradition... we headed to the mall after our appointment today to pick out something gender appropriate :)

Yup, if you can't tell... we're going to have a boy!!!!!!!!!!!

So many thoughts.... so excited.... I'm sure there will be many more posts about this topic to come :)


A couple things to tell you...

First off...
I've had a hard time getting into the routine of home schooling.... Between summer and the start of school nothing slowed down.  If anything, the pace picked up.  And yet, somehow, in the middle of all that I was supposed to add schooling a first grader?  It's been a little overwhelming for me.  Laundry has been backed up.  My blog has been kind of neglected.  I've been bad about returning phone calls.  And I'm short on sleep.  So....
I called upon the help of  Fly Lady.
After I had Sadie... baby #3 was such a kick in the pants for me... I needed some help getting my days in order.  In frustration, as a looked for help/inspiration on the internet, I found Fly Lady.  It's a little cheesy compared to some other organizational housekeeping type sites, but it's very genuine and full of very good methods, ideas, personal testimonials, and encouragement. 
So check it out if you need to get your days under control... get more stuff done... regain your sanity :) 
I re-initiated my old routines this week and things have been going much smoother! 

We're finding out what the baby is TODAY!!!  I'm pumped. 
Last night JJ and I worked on our boy name.  I really wanted to get to name a boy.  Regardless of what we find out today, I wanted to accomplish that... to be able to say, even if it is a girl... "Had you been a boy, we were going to name you _________"   
So we're ready to find out.... boy and girl names picked. 
Alice really wants another girl... she's scared of what it would be like to have a brother :)
Elsie really wants a brother... she thinks there's too many girls in our family as it is.
Sadie is going to be a threat to the baby's physical safety either way.
I'm betting on another girl....
JJ's betting on a boy.... winner gets to claim a favor of their choice :)
So we'll see!
I'll fill you all in later today....


Happy Fall! Gift Card & Tag Kit

So I guess it's Fall!  It doesn't really feel like it though... since it's still so hot here, and the leaves haven't begun to change colors.  But, never the less it is Fall.  So I've been busy.... creating a Fall gift card and tag kit for you! (I'll put it in my Etsy store tonight or tomorrow... but I'm only going to make a few of them, so if you want one, better snatch one up soon :) )

First I'll show it to you... then I'll give you an idea... then I need some ideas from you...
Shall we begin?

Kit includes: 6 note cards with envelopes (3 styles, 2 of each style), 4 small gift cards (2 styles, 2 of each style) with glassine envelopes, 16 stickers, 6 manilla tags, 8 round/scalloped edged tags, 6 blank labels, 6 decorative mini clothes pins, 6 feet green striped bakers twine, 6 feet natural twine, 4 kraft paper bags

Each part is neatly packaged for easy keep...

Ready to send you way!

Now the idea :)
This kit is perfect for gift giving.  There are so many things you could use it for, here's a few ideas:
-use the cards and tags to add charm to any gift... a fall birthday,  a thank you gift for a teacher, welcome a new neighbor, etc...
-you could use the 6 note cards as the gift itself and then wrap them up with the goodies provided
-bake something delicious and give as a gift and send along a cheery fall note
-give the whole kit as an unique and thoughtful give for any paper/stationery lover or scrapbooker

If you want to bake some super easy yummy fall goodies to give away... here's my pick:


"Grease 9-inch square baking pan. Melt butter in large saucepan over med. heat. Add sugar and vanilla; mix well. Stir in oats. Cook over low heat 2-3 minutes or until ingredients are well blended. Press half of mixture into prepared pan. Use back of large spoon to spread mixture evenly.

Melt chocolate chips in small heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally. Stir in peanut butter. Pour chocolate mixture over oat mixture in pan; spread evenly with knife or back of spoon. Crumble remaining oat mixture over chocolate layer, pressing gently. Cover and refrigerate 2-3 hours or overnight.

Bring to room temperature before cutting into bars. (Bars can be frozen; let thaw at least 10 minutes before serving.)  Makes 32 bars."   From Favorite Brand Name Bake Sale Cookbook Publications International, Ltd. 1997

They're just a prettier form of a no-bake cookie... yum!

Perfect for fall!

Now to wrap them up with the goodies from the kit .... and make someone's day!

Now I need your ideas....
I'm thinking of making some Christmas gift and tag kits.  What do you think?  What would you like to see in a Christmas kit?  Please let me know!

Enjoy the season!

CREEPY EYES....and lots of smiles :)

Last week was Alice Anna's birthday.  As I mentioned earlier, it was a crazy crazy week... On Monday, my parents came for an early birthday visit for Alice.  We planned a special trip...  now if you know, or remember, Alice is nearly obsessed with Big Cats.  (At this point, I'm rather sick of it to be honest...but hey, what can you do?)  We decided to take Alice, with my parents, to Tiger Safari, an interactive zoological park near OKC.  We figured with a name like that Alice couldn't be anything less that thrilled.... we were right :)  It was a wonderful, draining day filled with memories, creepy animal eyes, and lots of smiles :)  Enjoy some pictures of the day....


Happy Thing

I haven't done a Happy Thing in quite awhile... it's not that things don't make me happy, I'm just so busy that I haven't stopped to appreciate those little things!

We went to Kansas, as I told you in my last post.... we made it there, but I would definitely call it a major mistake (head shaking with a big sigh).
-I had a low year with sales at the show.
-I threw up Sat. night.
-Couldn't go to church and see friends... JJ came late Sat. night and had to go to church with the girls alone.
-Missed seeing JJ's family and celebrating Alice's birthday with them.
-JJ got sick Sunday night.
-Sadie didn't sleep much at all the whole weekend... no naps, bad nights.
-We missed the adoption party of JJ's niece of nephews from Haiti... the main reason JJ took off  from work to come.
-AND 3 miles out of town, heading back on Mon. Elsie threw up ALL OVER in the car. So we turned around and headed back to my parents to hose down the car seat and wash clothes. We finally made it home late that evening.

But back to my Happy Thing.... I received a little gift from my Grandfather-in-law that was delivered to me second hand since I didn't get to see that side of the family.  He is a dear.  He collects antiques and all sorts of old things, but was unaware of  the shabby chic concept until my entrance into the family.  He would come to our house and see "old junk" hanging on the walls.  Of course he got a kick out of this :)  Who wouldn't when those type of things were what he would move out of the house and into the barn!  All to say, now he finds "junk" in his sheds, cleans it up, and gives it to me to decorate with.  I love it!  Some of my favorite pieces in the house come from him.  This is what he gave me this weekend.... Definitely a Happy Thing in the midst of many frustrations and disappointments :)


Disappointment and the Arts & Crafts Fair

Crazy, crazy, busy, busy... that's life these days. 
Monday- company
Tuesday- first Bible Study Fellowship meeting... all three kids in tow
Wednesday- Alice's birthday
Thursday- pack to leave for KS

This in addition to homeschooling, housekeeping, AND making 50+ baby bracelets AND printing/packaging piles of note cards and tags for the Hillsboro Arts and Crafts fair.....

Let me back up... I'm from Hillsboro, it's my home town.  My mother-in-law has a booth for the annual Arts & Crafts fair every year.  She makes and sells adorable baby jackets, blankets, changing pads, burp rags, etc... She also sells my baby bracelets.  My sister-in-law and I used to have a booth of our own... until I moved away.  SO... this year I was trying to secure a little extra dough, by not only selling my bracelets but by also selling some baby stationery.  Oh... I've been so busy with all that stuff!

Today we were supposed to leave at 5:00pm for Hillsboro and meet my parents in Wichita.  BUT this morning, Alice woke up sick... she threw up all day. So onto plan B.  Hopefully we'll leave in the morning.  We'd better leave in the morning... or else all my goodies will not make it to the show :(

Why am I telling you this?  I don't know... sympathy, venting, explanation for the lack of blog posts.... prayer :)  That and a heads up... if my stuff gets there... to say "all you Kansans, come on over to Brenda's booth!!!"

I was planning on doing a full post about all the goodies I made... with pretty pictures and all, but alas, that didn't even come close to happening.  I'm lucky to be posting this...

So here's one of the many designs of the stationery for the show.  And by the way, all you non-Kansans, be on the look out on Etsy for these little lovelies to appear soon. 

This is the front of a sweet little 3x3 note card... it's paired with an adorable glassine (that vellum/wax paper looking paper) envelope.  It's just one of many designs.  I'll also have gift tags adorned with bright colored baker's twine and cheerful sticker/seals to compliment any of the note cards.  All of the designs are suitable for baby stuff, but many of them are appropriate for other uses also.  So baby or not, stop by :) 

Blessings to you all... don't get too busy and stay healthy :)

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