Paper Dolls! ... what I've been up to...

So while I was away in NY this past May, Jaime and I did some brainstorming....dreaming... planning... whatever  you want to call it. Our poor brains are packed full of way too many creative ideas.  Too many ideas to ever actually do them all.  But, I did jump on one of those ideas as soon as I got back home.  Paper Dolls!!! 

I have always loved paper dolls.  I grew up cutting them out with my mom.  Especially Queen Holden paper dolls... the cutest drawings of babies you will ever see.  Seriously.  So I drew sweet little girl faces and darling dressings for like a week straight.  It was awesome. 

Anyways! I wanted to show them to you.  I made two sets... four different little girls with each their own set of unique clothes for my Etsy store.  I cut out one set for my girls to start playing with... and we are working on the second set. 

Take a look!

Meet Sadie and Millie! 
Each set comes with 2 dolls, 2 party dresses, 4 play outfits, 2 pair pajamas, accessories & extras

The little dresses I drew were inspired by some vintage kids clothes and some modern clothes as well.  I happened to find much of my modern inspiration from Gap Kids clothing, HA!  ...they have such cute stuff :)

I printed my dollies out on nice quality laser printer paper (even though I use an ink jet printer... little secret tip for  ya ;) and then I used a glue stick to glue the dolls onto light/med. weight cardboard.... something that you can cut with a scissor.  It worked so well! 

Each set also comes with a cute little wardrobe that can be turned into a pocket to keep the dollies and their stuff!  ...this is maybe my favorite part :)

(This is a pic from my Instagram feed...)
AND... I've included a cover sheet for each set so that they can be gifted! All you have to do is print the set, including this cover sheet and put it in a trimmed off sheet protector (clear plastic sleeve)! Seal the top off with a cute sticker or washi tape and you have an adorable gift.  Yay!  Although you can't sell the set, you can gift as many printed copies as you wish!!  Think of all the little girls you could give this to, haha :)

Well, that's enough show and tell for now.  Go take a look at both sets in my store! if you want to see all the sweet details... you'll swoon, I promise ;)


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