So apparently no one but me can view my spectacular blog planner! :)  I've been trying to figure it out and I guess I'm not very savvy in this particular area!  If you offer downloadable files in your blog posts, what document host do you use?  I used Google Documents for this...  Help me out!  ... and I promise I'll post lots of cute downloads! :)

I changed a few settings... everyone... TRY IT AGAIN! :)

Free Downloadable Planner...for you!

If you're like me you have sooooo many things going on at once! I was trying to get all my ducks in a row yesterday and felt like I needed to make 10 different lists just to get it all covered!! So... instead of tackling my list... I designed. Procrastination at it's best. But, I decided to make my time worth it and share what I designed with you!

I wanted something to put in my Control Journal to help me keep all of my to do list in order... something where I could plan blog posts, keep track of Etsy orders, list everyday reminders, and jot down goals and other project ideas.

Now I know not all of you are Etsy shop owners, so I created an alternate for you, too! It has a column for a shopping list and an errand list, that can be detached to take with you.

It's intended to be used as a two page layout... it's perfect for in a 3 ring binder. Although, I'm sure you could make use of the pages individually also. Download pages 1 and 2 if you're a Etsy store owner or download pages 1 and 3 if you're not...


Here are some additional sites that have some great blog planners... Take a look!





Dear friends...cute kiddos...

This is another dear family, close to our hearts in so many ways.... the connection comes initially from my husband.  He went to high school with the kids and had Mr. Mac as his chemistry teacher...  while we were dating I remember hanging out with Olivia, Joel, and Jess... But once again, just as I expressed in my last  post, the connection grew beyond being family friends and high school classmates.  We also were blessed to have Bill and Olivia in that same precious small group that we left back in Kansas. 

I had the pleasure of taking their pictures while in Kansas also... it started with a request from Olivia and then grew to a near whole family event!  It was wonderful though... Jeremy came along since he knew the family so well. He got to chat it up while I snapped pictures like crazy.   Once again, as I edited these pictures I found myself smiling at the screen... marveling at God's blessings through long-standing friendships like these.

... cute.. cute... kids... Don't you think?!


Smiling at the computer...

I mentioned before that I took some pictures for some friends when I was back home in Kansas.  Well, I was editing them last night.... and I kept finding myself smiling at the computer.  You see I went to high school with both of the parents... and were friends back then, but just friends.

Several years post high school we reconnected. First I reconnected with her... in a young wives Bible Study which developed into a young mom's Bible study over a few years.  That was a very special grop for me.  Then... we became part of a small couples group together.  And God connected us, all of us in the group, in a special way.  As we dove into God's word and struggled together to understand how to live out our faith and how to communicate that faith, we became a group a broken people racing desperately towards the Truth. 

So as I looked at those sweet faces of my high school friends, I marveled at God's power.  His power to grow us, change us, and bless us.  God used that little group of 'more than friends' to encourage us, teach us his truths, soften our our hearts and eventually get us here... to Edmond, OK... to serve in ministry.

They are such a sweet little family... I miss them :)

... and she's so pretty.


I've been wanting to show you...

Hello All! ... sorry for the absence... I've been on vacation!  This past week I've been in KS hangin' out with family and taking some friends' pictures (I'll post some of those soon).  It was relaxing and refreshing... just what we needed :)

Here's some stuff I've been meaning to show you since a bit before my computer crashed... Remember the stationery with customizable little girls that I showed you awhile back, well I did a custom order for friend/customer with Little E and Company.  She requested a set not only for her little girl, but also for herself.  super fun.  I'm not listing them on Etsy quite yet, but I am open to custom orders.  Email me!!  I'd like to build up a wider variety of hairstyles, dress styles, (I need to create a baby graphic too...and maybe boys???), etc... before I list them on Etsy. 

I also filled an order for a "TRUST" print awhile back... she requested it in yellow instead of red...and I love it!  Thought I'd show you that too :)  AND... I'm kinda excited about the idea of Mini Scripture Prints... I made some on a whim to put in with some of my orders and they are stinkin' cute!  They are perfect for so many things: to stick in with a card for a friend... they go great on the fridge or bulletin board... to use as a gift tag... to use as a "thank you for your order" note... etc.  I love the idea of passing along scripture.  I'm going to list some of those on Etsy too.


My Request

I asked Jeremy if he could do something for me for Mother's Day... I him to take some pictures of me with my kiddos.  He sweetly complied and we headed out to the park... I tried to control the setting as much as tricky lighting or anything.  We picked a spot in the shade, I set the camera settings, and described the different shots that I wanted.  It worked pretty well!  He was a sweetheart and very kindly tolerated me bossing him around for 45 minutes!  After he got some of me with each of the kids, I snapped a few of the girls before heading out.  I couldn't resist... they looked so cute wandering around together through the trees :)  So.... after I edited them... here's what we came up with :)


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