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Hello Friends!
Well, I've been wanting to show you our guest/kids bath for a while now... but it's really no fun to take pics in a room with no windows.  Especially when I LOVE natural light... pictures without it are just kinda boring and flat, in my opinion :( 
But for the sake of some fun things that I wanted to show you, I buckled down, set my white balance for those pesky yellow lights, and snapped away.

As far as the decor of the bathroom goes... it was a frantic attempt to complete the bathroom before we had company over this past summer.  We painted during the night, and I decorated it all the next day.  So everything in there is... hmm... let's call it "resourceful"! 

I'm going to commentate this tour... (I personally usually prefer the silent type tours... but I'm feeling chatting today. sorry :) )
This paint color actually is brighter than it looks in this pic... I like the pic better :)  But hey, that's what you get when you paint right before company comes over!  And yes, I know that everyone and their dog has that shower curtain... but hey!  It's really cute.. and funky retro!

And yes, for those of you who are shuddering, that's a deer rack above the toilet.  Hey, at least we used a small one :)  It was one of my husbands first bucks when he was little.  I actually really like it... it works so well with the theme!

To add to the nature/woodsy feel (and the poky dangerous feel... in combo with the antlers) of the room, we found this branch in yard and screwed it to the wall! 

I strung some paper cut outs of birds onto embroidery thread with a needle and anchored the bottom with a little twig, then hung them from the branch...  kinda weird... but I really like them :)  I used an old children's primer and found a story that was about a pet bird... not that that makes them any less weird :)

I also happened to have the perfect picture to frame... my Sadie Pie... all covered in mud.  perfect.  I only had a 8x10 frame, so I crumpled up a brown paper bag and used it as a mat in the background.

Some vintage Bambi playing cards that I picked up somewhere, turned them into a cute mini bunting... forgot I had them! 

And of course, what room of mine would be complete without a leftover fabric covered bucket  from way back when!...  I do like it though :)  And I just love the vintage nature books... fun.

Anywho! That's about it... Hope you enjoyed the tour and my ramblings! :)


Show and Tell... My new business cards

I've been wanting to redesign my business cards for awhile now... but, alas, it's hard to find time for "recreational" projects these days!
I've had about five different...very different... ideas for a new card design.  So I picked the quickest one and tackled it the other night.  (Maybe next month, I'll design another "new" business card!)  I had recently purchased some tiny manilla envelopes and decided to turn the envelopes themselves into business cards.  Then I could stuff them with fun things!  You see I always like to include some free stickers (they're folded up in the pic) and some scripture with my packages... And of course, I sealed the back with my mini washi tape strips :)

Take a peak! ...

They make me smile :)  Hopefully, they'll make my customers smile as well!


Pretty Valentines... for you to print :)

Hello Friends!
I have something for you...  some pretty Valentines Printables.  I made these with my little girls in mind, but they would be perfect for anyone who appreciates a little whimsy and love :)  I had quite a bit of fun creating the little characters and the patterns for you...  It was like doodling during class in high school all over again!   I'm planning on putting mine in little glassine envelopes... I love being able to see the pretty patterns and colors through the foggy paper :)  Here's where I got them...

I also have a thought to pass along with Valentine's Day in mind...
You know, when I think of God's word which reveals his heart and his plan for creation,  I can't help but see it as a love story.  An amazing love story of a God who deeply wants a relationship with his creation... a love so strong that he would do anything to restore us and bring us back to him. 
"For God so loved the world...."  Just something to think about during this season of love!


   ****As always...File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.


Blessings and LOVE in Christ,

Some fun vintage finds for my girls' room.... and a little redecorating!

Kinda funny... I sell on Etsy... I love Etsy... but I rarely ever shop on Etsy.  In fact, this last week was the third time ever to shop  on their lovely site!
You see I had some Christmas money, and I've been drooling all the pretty "granny squares" blankets that I've been seeing on Pinterest.  So I thought I'd check out the selection on Etsy!  And I found a lovely one that matches my girls' room!  And I also found a set of adorable vintage children's books that I knew would also go very nicely in the their room.  Once my fun items arrived... I decided it was time to do a little revamp in the girls' room in order to accommodate my new finds.  I had never decorated the long shelf that runs the length of their room above their door and closet.... so this was the perfect time!

Take a peek at my Etsy finds... and the girls' revamped shelf.  I think it turned out darling :)  And oddly enough (just when I thought they couldn't care less), my girls really appreciated the re-styling too!

If you'd like to see the rest of the girls pretty pink vintage room... you can find it HERE! :)



A New Years Wish ... and a Printable :)

I'm a control freak (to be completely honest with you)... but not in the way where I have to take charge, boss people around, and do things my way...  different from that.

It's more about having things under control.  ... mainly my home, my kids, my stuff...  I like to be one step ahead, not behind.  I like to be proactive, not reactive.

Lately life has been out of control.  I'm ten steps behind, hanging on by a thread, and just hoping my world stays together and life doesn't completely fall apart.   I've slacked on training with my girls, let up on reading/studying God's word,  I've put off going to the Lord in prayer, I push down the clothes in the hamper a little farther instead of starting a load of laundry, my kitchen floor is filthy, my desk is super unorganized, I haven't unpacked our suitcase from last week... and I've allowed these things to get under my skin.  I feel out of control.  I feel behind.  I feel like a failure.  What a great way to start the new year! :)

I went to church yesterday morning...  and listened to a New Years sermon.  I was in and out of the service, because of my loud youngest child, but God did speak to me.

These days when I utter a prayer in the midst of the chaos, it usually is a feeble cry for God to help me handle my load, my responsibilities.  As I started to breath that prayer in church yesterday, I felt God ask me... if I would trust him.  If I would trust him instead of trusting in my ability to conquer my life.  Could I be okay with chaos raging around me, just holding on to my Savior?  Maybe I don't need to get my life under control... maybe I just need to allow myself to be under God's control.

So my prayer has changed...

My New Years prayer is this:

Oh God, help me to trust in  you and not in myself and my ability to control all the pieces of my life.  Bring me under your control... hide me under the shelter of  your wing and comfort me.  Help me to be okay with the chaos raging around me if it makes me more dependent on you.  Grant me joy and peace in this year ahead...that can only come from you, not from crossing off things on a to-do list.  Thank you for  your promise to never leave me no matter what life brings.

 My New Years  prayer for you:

You can print your own copy of this art print, as a reminder to trust in the Lord this new year...  it's a 5x7... frame it, pin it up, or pass it on to a friend!

DOWNLOAD it here :)

Blessing in Christ and Happy New Year!

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