Some fun vintage finds for my girls' room.... and a little redecorating!

Kinda funny... I sell on Etsy... I love Etsy... but I rarely ever shop on Etsy.  In fact, this last week was the third time ever to shop  on their lovely site!
You see I had some Christmas money, and I've been drooling all the pretty "granny squares" blankets that I've been seeing on Pinterest.  So I thought I'd check out the selection on Etsy!  And I found a lovely one that matches my girls' room!  And I also found a set of adorable vintage children's books that I knew would also go very nicely in the their room.  Once my fun items arrived... I decided it was time to do a little revamp in the girls' room in order to accommodate my new finds.  I had never decorated the long shelf that runs the length of their room above their door and closet.... so this was the perfect time!

Take a peek at my Etsy finds... and the girls' revamped shelf.  I think it turned out darling :)  And oddly enough (just when I thought they couldn't care less), my girls really appreciated the re-styling too!

If you'd like to see the rest of the girls pretty pink vintage room... you can find it HERE! :)




  1. so so cute!! i love granny square anything!! i am currently making my own granny square blanket :)

  2. Isn't it funny how once we become a mom, our Christmas money gets spent on our kids. I do love those granny square quilts though. Which Etsy site did you find them on?

  3. Jennifer... I found the blanket and books in this shop:



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