Bingo Birthday Card

Hello Friends! 
I have a quick and easy, yet clever Birthday card idea for  you... 

Find an old Bingo card with the right number for how old the person is turning....  circle it with a Sharpie, and attach the corresponding marker with hot glue to a string.  I wrote a message on the back and enclosed it with my I said, EASY!


A Printable for You... it's about time!

Hello Friends!

Did you think I'd forgotten about making printables?  I kinda did :)  I've just been movin' and groovin' at the speed of life these days... and haven't done much recreational designing.

But we started school this week.. and I got inspired by the happy/cheery/ school kids/ playful atmosphere going on in our house.  It made me think of THIS.... 

So I decided to make some cheery notes that you can pass along to someone who needs some cheer!  Maybe a co-worker needs a note of encouragement or a lunch box needs some love...  I'm sure you'll think of something to do with them!  I hope they make you smile :)


*As always...File and finished product are not for resale or profit of any kind.  Please contact me if  you have any questions about usage.


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