Happy Thing... Doodles on hands and feet :)

I love anything hand-drawn... always have.  For me it's an instant Happy Thing.  Maybe it's because I used to draw, all the time.  Before I discovered Graphic Design, my love was drawing and doodling.  In high school, I used to fill my notebook pages with cute little doodles... scrolly borders, little pictures,  fancy swirly text...  And, I loved to draw on my friends with Sharpies :)  I did this so often, that eventually I gathered a little collection of drawings for my friends and classmates to choose from... it was fun :) 

Well, every now and then I get out the little folder of drawings and doodle on my hand or feet... some pretty little pictures to make me smile and remember those days!  Now occasionally I'll draw some on my girls.  They think it's awesome!  They pick their little picture out of that same folder and they giggle as they try to hold still while I drag that little Sharpie across their skin... it tickles! ...another Happy Thing :)

Things have been very busy and kind of stressful lately (hence my lack of posting), and as a result the kids have been out of sorts for a while now.  So today I took a break from my long list of to-dos.  I painted their toenails and drew some doodles on their hands and feet.  It was fun... it made us all smile :) The pictures served a dual purpose today also... a gentle reminder of some of the things we need to work on in our house :) :)

On a completely different/side note... Virgil was playing on the tile in our entry way today, spit up, then rolled over onto it... big wet, slimy, hilarious mess.  That too, made us all laugh.  Alice hollered,  "Mom, get your camera! You've got to see the disgusting thing Virgil did!"  Oh, how we need those things to make us giggle and laugh! 

Be joyful, laugh, and giggle today...that in itself is a Happy Thing :)



  1. oh how i remember those sharpie doodling days. makes me miss ya mama!

  2. Oh how sweet! I love it! And how I wish I laughed more at those crazy (and a little gross) moments. I think I worry too much about things being clean. I pray that my next baby will get one relaxed, joyful, laugh in the wind kind of mama. But it was easy to laugh at yours! How SWEET! And all those fingers and toes...you are so blessed my dear friend. I sigh in content at the goodness of God!

  3. I hope you can share some of your graphics. Love you butterfly doodles :)


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