Reese's Rainbow Family Tree... MEET BLAKE!

So maybe you noticed that I currently have three Reese's Rainbow buttons up on the side of my blog.... Let me introduce one of them that you might not know!  Little Blake, the second one down, is being adopted by a dear friend, Anna, back from Kansas.  So so awesome. 

God began to do a work in Anna's heart through Danielle at Loving Every Moment... (does this sound familiar :) :)   So this is really a home-grown story for many of you! can read about Anna and Danielle's connection HERE on Anna's blog.

Once I again,  on the same note as I posted earlier on this topic, I am so MOVED by what God is doing in the hearts of families... compelling them to adopt.  Just last week I found out about ANOTHER set of friends (over at Breezy Acres Farm) who are going to adopt!!  God is so so GOOD. 

As is true in each of these adoption stories, God is moving and doing a work to make the logistics happen.  This morning I got this email...

Sorry to bug you on a weekend, but KSN News covered our adoption story yesterday and following the news, an anonymous donor challenged 1000 people to comment on my blog at: and they would donate $1 for every comment.  So go comment now!!!  It's free!!  And it's a way to help!!
Thank you SO much.

So of course I'm passing this on to my faithful bloggy friends!  PLEASE go read about their journey and COMMENT ON HER BLOG...  or if you feel your heart being tugged by God, make a donation of your own!  God is doing another amazing work in this family's life and you can be part of it! 

OHH... another thought!  I added that handy-dandy facebook "like" button at the bottom of my posts... "like" this post so that the words spreads even further!! ... pretty please :) :)

Blessings to you all :)

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  1. Hi Amy! God is AWESOME!!! I'm headed over there right now to homeonthekansasrange :). Thank you for sharing this with us. Also I'm going to check out the first story you mentioned too. I believe Adoption is so wonderful!!!! It just warms my heart totally! :)
    Your little guy is growing by the way & such a cutie.


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