We did it!

After rescheduling three times we finally did it! Cute boots, an annoying dog (Jeremy's- not theirs), adorable kiddos and pretty much perfect weather... all in all definitely a success :)

Ready for the wall!

Lori's little girls share a room... so naturally they needed matching initial name prints! This project was fun because I got to create a butterfly pattern for the background to match their bedding...I love butterflies :) Now they just need a couple of frames and they're ready for the wall! Yeah!

About Amy J. Photography...

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Yeah! I finally took the time to open an Etsy shop...at 2:00 in the morning (when else is there time?) ! Currently the only things for sale are some of my baby bracelets, but it's a start... Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will begin to list some of my Delightful Alphabet initial prints that I've been working on. I linked the bracelet photo on the right bar with my shop...take a look!


Happy Things

I still nurse Sadie, my 11mo. old 3 or 4 times a day... usually it's just before naps and at bedtime. So I spend a fair amount of time sitting in her nursery staring at this mobile. I made it when I was pregnant with Elsie (my middle child). It was one of those nesting tasks, you know... I just had to keep busy before she came or I would go crazy!! Anyway, it was made with much love and anticipation... and I still enjoy looking at those chubby legged, rosy cheeked babies spin around while I nurse. Its definitely a Happy Thing :)

For those who are interested.... to make it here's what I did:

You need:
- a small dowel rod, cut into two pieces with notches cut in both so they can fit together
- small wooden balls (I found them at Hobby Lobby) in a few sizes, drill a small hole through each
- card stock
- thin string or fishing line
- craft paint
- images to scan ( I used images from a vintage baby record book)

I just scanned my images and arranged them all on a page. Then I copied the page and reversed the images onto another page. Then print on a sheet of card stock front and back... EASY! Cut out images in whatever shape you want and punch holes in them. After painting dowel rods and balls, glue together and feed string through dowels, images, and balls. Make sure to measure lengths between all the hanging pieces to ensure a balanced outcome! After it's all assembled, to fix any imbalances glue a piece of a toothpick, paper clip, etc. to the bottom side of the rod that needs a little more weight. That's it in a nutshell... !

Jordan Girls... and not mine!

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon at my sister-in-law's house while the brothers (our husbands) golfed. It was amazingly relaxing considering that between the two of us we had five little girls to tend to! Quite fun though! So of course we took advantage of the opportunity to get a few 2 year pics of Makenzie and 3mo. shots of Adelynn. One of the funnest parts was watching Makenzie and my daughter Elsie play together...they're just 3 mo. apart.... Family is a wonderful thing :)


The beauty of fall is almost completely over.... on to the dullness of winter (bigh sigh). I took Leah's pictures last friday. Although there was almost no color left to brighten my photographs, Leah took matters into her own hands! Her sweet smile and beautiful red hair added all the warmth necessary!! Cheesy to say, but so true!! She was just darling... :)

More Cuties...

I got to take Hazel and Luka's pictures yesterday. I just can't get enough of it... taking pictures of adorable kiddos and babies. All the cute expressions, beautiful eyes, and all the energy!!!! Even though I have three of my own, I enjoy every minute with whoever I'm taking pictures of. Each child has their own charm and of course beauty. This was definitely true for Hazel and Luka! Thanks Sara...your girls were wonderful :)
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