Printable Candy Wraps

Well, my dear friends, I have a printable for you... in response to numerous inquiries about the Hershey's candy wraps that I used for my Mother's Day gifts!

To make these beautiful candies...
You will need Avery 1"x 2 5/8" address labels (Avery Template 5160)

To format the wraps printable to the labels, you can either
- download the file of the full pages of wraps... already formatted for you.
-you can use the individual images of the wraps and format them on an Avery template yourself.

 These wraps are a perfect fit for Hershey's Nuggets candies... but I'm sure they could work for various other candies if you wanted. 




(Please Remember...Files and finished products for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.)

I'd love to hear if you plan to download! :)


I want to remember this little girl.

Little Sadie.  My number 3... my miracle, my joy.
I want to remember that smile, the bounce in her step, that hair.
I know these days will be gone soon... and I just want to remember.
Summer days... filled with laughing and giggling, captured effortlessly and purely by my Sadie.

You can read more about little Sadie's story here... if you haven't already :)


Mini Envelope Cards with Seals... Printable

Today it's a dear friend of mine's Birthday...
And I needed to do a post for you beautiful people :)
....So hurray for multi-tasking at its best!

I made some sweet little envelope cards this morning... perfect for attaching to a little gift.  And I'd like to share them with you....
I also made some little stickers to seal the envelope cards.

Here's what you do to make these for yourself:
Download the files...

Print the envelopes on card stock and cut on the lines into rectangles.  I would suggest folding them next, before you cut off the corners on the flaps.  This seems to be easier than trying to fold the flap after it's cut... it's kinda small and awkward!

Print the stickers on sticker paper (or plain paper if you don't have sticker paper) Then just punch out the stickers with a 1" circle punch. (Use a glue stick for your seals if you printed on plain paper...)

Leave a cheery hello if you plan to download!  Thanks and Enjoy! :)


 (Please Remember...File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.)

Happy Birthday, Kerstin!  I love you :)


HOME SWEET HOME TOUR... Spring Cleaning in the Office

A couple weeks ago, I took some time and did a little Spring cleaning in my office/work space... it felt so wonderful.  I organized pretty much every drawer, nook, and cranny.  This included cleaning out and my "decorative" cube shelves.  I wanted to display some of my favorite pretties and also make space for those crafting supplies that had gotten lost in some back drawers.  I figured if I could see some of those things I wanted to use, then maybe I'd actually remember to use them!  Genius, right? :)

I thought I'd show you the shelves... and a couple new things on the wall... Enjoy peaking into my office!  (if you'd like to see the rest of it... well at least what it looked like a year ago... click here!)

Scrap fabric... for projects like this, and this... oh, and this!

Vintage stationery... to use and for inspiration...  

Paint chips and vintage map puzzle pieces... color inspiration.

 Vintage books, magazines, cards to cut up or repurpose...  oh, the things I want to do with this pile!

Vintage catalogs... these are awesome!!  I've already used them for half a dozen projects...which I will share with you soon :)

These are a couple of my fav pages from those catalogs... 
I mounted them on foam core with spray glue... 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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