I'm not supposed to do this...

Hmmm... When my mother-in-law was still here a few weeks ago (the first week we moved in), I told her and JJ one night..."Okay, I'm only going to say this once. But I hate this wall color. I thought it was okay, but I really think it's ugly." - or something similar to that. So I'm not sticking to the only saying it once thing. I'm telling you all now... I daily struggle with the color of the walls (and ceiling) in my new house. It's a rather yucky neutrally yellowish beige color. It's so close to being an okay color, but it's not. And EVERY WALL, CORNER, CLOSET, AND THE CEILING is painted that color! I wouldn't be bringing this up right now if it wasn't for the fact that I was surfing some blogs tonight and ran across this picture. It made me so sad :( That sweet little nursery is the exact same turquoisy blue as Sadie's nursery was.... Oh how I miss my turquoise paint!!!!!

Okay... I said it to the world (well at least a decent number of friends), and now I really am going to stick with my original commitment. No more bad mouthing the color of my walls. Happy thoughts from here on out :) Thanks for listening....


  1. I understand the feeling of walls without color. It is no fun and can feel dreary. Why don't you paint them?

  2. It's a rental... we probably can paint eventually, but our landlord just painted then entire house this color! He'd rather us live there awhile before we change anything :)

  3. Amy,

    I understand completely! All we've done so far is live in our rentals...beige, beige & beige! YUCK! i can't wait til we live in a place where i can paint the room any color! hang in there girl!


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