Happy Thing... it's been a while!!

Now that I'm starting to feel not quite so sick... it's time for a Happy Thing...Yeah!

You know I love vintage junk.... within that realm, I just love vintage decals!  They are so sweet and charming.  Not to mention, they signify the previous owner's attempt at personalization... or craftiness :) back in the 40s and 50s!   Here's a few of items I've been lucky enough to have given to me... they are definitely Happy Things in my home :)

I found a company on the web that makes reproduction decals.  I have a whole list of items I would love to add charm to with repro decals... someday!   You can find almost any kind/ theme also... kitchen, floral, baby/nursery, bathroom, fruit...  Here's the site... have fun dreaming of what you could spice up! http://www.sweetgaldecals.com

You can also find actual vintage and reproduction decals on ebay and etsy occasionally...
If you know of any other sites that sell decals, I'd love to know!



  1. Hi Amy! Sweetgaldecals.com is one such site.

  2. Oh how embarrassing... I just saw you wrote a whole paragraph about my site and I just flat out missed it. Duh!


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