IF.... I had a boy

I'm torn.
There's a big part of me, this pregnancy, that wants a boy. Jeremy, too.
Reasons being:
I don't have one :)
Something new.
At little boy with curly hair would be super cute.
I think Jeremy doesn't even know how much he would love it...

What would I do with a boy????
My life is girly things... would I adapt to a little man?
Okay, and then there's the savings.
If it was a girl, I wouldn't have to buy a single thing.  Nice, very nice.
AND... where would I put him?  Our home is rather small.
He'd have to share a room with the girls :)  Poor guy.
Have you seen there room?  It is the epitome of girliness.
Look for yourself...how exactly could I put a BOY in this room?
Good thing I don't get to decide :)

I trust you Lord, either way... but if it's a boy, please don't let him suffer psychological trauma due to all the pink and frills.  And please help me not to dote on him...too much.  And please don't let me become so charmed with his curls that I let them develop into a toddler mullet... give me eyes to see that especially. :)



  1. We're expecting our 4th, which is our first boy. I had some of the same thoughts as you. We have a TINY house (2 bedrooms - all 3 girls share a room) ... where are we going to put this boy, everything we own is pink and purple, etc. However, seeing my husband tear up instantly at the ultrasound ... totally worth all the scrambling we're doing to make things a little manly around here for our new little guy!

    It's going to be wonderful either way. : )

  2. I can easily see you devoting one corner of their shared room to blue stuff that you make, a little treasure trove of blue! And baby boys are allowed to enjoy things like butterflies and dragonflies too! I come from a large family of girls (Ethan was the first boy born since my dad) and that thought occurred to me too, “what am I going to do with a boy?” I only came up with one answer…love him :-)

  3. oh my... i was so scared to have a boy! even right before he was born i was thinking maybe they were wrong and its a girl!? i am head over heels in love with this little guy. i was even worried if i would love him the same. it took all of one second :) so precious.

    you could re-do the whole room to accommodate both boy and girl there are some really cute ideas out there on-line!

  4. Amy, I have often thought the same (but opposite) with my pregnancy. I wonder what on earth I would do if we had a girl after 2 boys. Another boy would be easy -- we have all the stuff AND I just know how to deal with boys. A girl would make it a little more ... chaotic. But, I'm trusting God that He will give us exactly what our family needs.

  5. coming from a family of three girls then a boy --he'll fit right in! I was always amazed how my little brother could turn any girlie toy into a firetruck or air plane.:-) So excited for you guys. You & your little growing babe are in my prayers! love you!

  6. Amy, I have a church friend that had three girls, then two boys, so it is possible. God is weaving your baby into just who wants him/her to be as I type this. Praying for His blessings on the 26 weeks you have left.


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