Mini photo shoot

My mom's birthday is on Sunday, so I decided to take some pictures of the girls and make a collage to frame and give her...
I decided this today, around 11 am.
I needed to get the gift in the mail by 5.
So... we rushed around, and did a very quick photo shoot over lunch.
That's how it always is when I take my girls' pictures.  Always rushed, never planned in advance.
I've only planned a photo shoot for them once.  Isn't that awful!!
Oh, well. That's life.
I got a few good shots... but I didn't get one of all the girls together looking normal.  Typical.

But, I took the photos, edited the photos, and threw them into Adobe Illustrator and created a collage/picture/greeting thing.  And I got it in the mail.  Hopefully it will get there by her birthday... most likely it will get there Monday :(   But it's DONE!

So enjoy the photos...



  1. Love them all! You wouldn't know that this photo shoot wasn't planned. Looks like you spent a lot of time and thought setting this up.

  2. Hannah and I are missing you and your beautiful girls so much! She wants to invite them over to watch a movie. "They can watch 'The Lion King' or ANY movie they want!"

  3. aren't they the cutest? I have 2 sisters and they will forever be my best friends.


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