Before Christmas, I was able to take some pics of one of my best friend's newest little one. So sweet... in these pics he's 2 1/2 weeks old...

As I was editing them, staring at that little one's face, it hit me: this is Jenny's little one! The girl that I grew up with, dreamed of the future with, shared so many major moments with...this baby is hers!! Oh, how far God has brought us... so much has happened. Jenny and I are no longer innocent playmates... rather grown mommies trying to embrace life without losing our minds! Every time I'm with her, I come away with a heart overwhelmed with gratefulness... so grateful to God that she is still a part of my life, so grateful for what God is doing in her life, so grateful for her friendship. I'm especially grateful today that I was able to help her commemorate another major event in her life...sweet baby Sylas.

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