Our turn...

I take pictures of my girls alot... but lately I've been so busy taking pictures of other people that I haven't taken any real pictures of my girls. I wanted to fill a few frames in the house, make a new header, and find a picture for Sadie's birthday invites, but low and behold I had no good pictures! So, I scheduled one. With me. Well, Jeremy had to help. So last week we dressed up the girls, did their hair, and headed out... beyond the front yard. We decided to use an old church nursery crib of my moms for Sadie... that child is crazy active. She won't sit or stand still for a second!!!! So it was necessary to confine her to the crib for every picture... oh, well. It was kinda cute. And yes, the crib is really in the middle of a dirt road... I did not photoshop it into an existing photo :)

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  1. I love the photos! You are so talented and you have some gorgeous girls to work with! My Mom found an album of photos you took of me and I was remembering all the fun we used to have! I hope you are happy and well.


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