Christmas card design work....

Our Christmas card...which unfortunately will only be printed out for the grandparents...maybe the aunts and uncles. Darn you 44 cent stamps!!!

The front of my parents' Christmas card...

The inside...

A Christmas card I did for a friend...


  1. i love the christmas cards! i did my own this year and the words on them came out so dark you can barely read them. i should of had you do them!

  2. amy you are so very talented. I marvel at your work. miss you guys and you had HANDS down the best Christmas card...EVER. loves.

  3. Amy: I love your blog. Your pictures are beyond expression! You are so talented and I'm glad you're using that talent. Please, please, could we have a Christmas card with the girls' pictures? They are so precious and I would love to be able to see them in person.
    Aunt Helena


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