Happy Things...My little artist

Alice and I are very different. Our personalities are not at all the same, which sometimes makes it hard for me to understand her or relate to her. But there are a few things that we do have in common: Frizzy crazy hair, dark brown eyes, and a love of art and all things creative. I don't know if my other children will be artistic or not, but I am grateful for this common area of interest with Alice. Alice turned five in Sept. and right now she is very into drawing animals, especially lions. She's such a tomboy :) She loves to watch me do graphic design or photo editing on the computer. The other day in Target she told a lady, whose attention she had captured, how she was a Graphic Designer. The look on the lady's face...it was hilarious! To watch her passion for art grow, to see her develop creatively, to share that with her is such a blessing. I love to think about who she'll be when she's grown. I know a love of art will always be a bond for us... and that's a Happy Thing! :)

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