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Sadie is still quite sick.... the past few nights she's been randomly waking up and screaming bloody murder.  It's fun.  This morning she started in around 5:30... and never went back to sleep.  Grumpy Sadie, grumpy mommy...

I was eating my cereal this morning, while V chilled on the floor.  He started to cry... Elsie said "Mom, Virgil's crying."
    " I know", I replied. 
     "You should do something about it... you're his mommy." 

That about sums it up.   Lots of things I should do something about...because I'm the mommy.  :) 



  1. Sweetest pics. Hope your home is healthy soon. Sounds like an ear infection. Fun!!

  2. oh i can so relate to that. hope things improve soon! virgil is amazingly handsome btw. love ya!


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