I can't help it...

I fear I'm running the risk of losing your attention as I continue to post pics of V :) But you know, every new mom does it!  .... That face!  It's the face you've been waiting so long to see... the face of the child you prayed for as it grew inside of you... the face of a little person you're now getting to know... the face that reveals the master artist's touch and his amazing ability to mold a child out of two people...the face of the future, of a man that God will use to accomplish his purposes someday... How can I not be in love with that little face???  ...it represents so much.  So you'll have to forgive me as I repeatedly show you his sweet little face...again and again :)



  1. What??? Only three pics? Come on, give us some more of that sweet little one.

  2. So sweet. I think Isaac had that outfit, too! Target? :) I think he looks a lot like Jon in these pics. Hope you guys are doing well! Love ya!


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