Fabric Covered Book How-To/ Tutorial

I've noticed lately that I've been getting quite a few hits on my blog from Pinterest... from a really old post about some things I made for a craft fair! Ha! ... it was such a long time ago, but the ideas are still quite cute. 

Well, based on one of those crafts, I made a tutorial( a year or so ago) about how to cover a photo mat with fabric.  Today, I'd like to show you how to cover an old book in fabric... similar to another craft on that ancient post :)


  • enough cotton fabric to cover the book you've chosen... I love using vintage fabric for old books
  • an old book, preferably one that has a blank cover, as some titles or illustrations can show through
  • spray glue -nothing beats 3M Super 77 found at Hobby Lobby or hardware stores
  • a scissor - one you don't mind getting glue on
  • Mod-podge
  • small foam brush 
(you don't need a knife... I don't know why I put that in there, Ha!)

1. Lay out your book and cut a rectangle of fabric larger than the size of your book... 1 to 2 inches larger on all sides  (you might want to iron your cut fabric at this point if it's creased or wrinkly).

2. Spray the back side of the fabric and the outside of the book with spray glue (not in the house!). Make sure you get a good coat...  and don't forget the spine of the book.  It works well to clip the piece of fabric to a wire hanger with clothes pins and stand the book, spine up, like a tent to spray.

3. Next, carefully lay your fabric out (glue side up!) and place your closed book on one end. Press book firmly down, checking to make sure the fabric is smooth and securely adhered to the book cover.

4. Carefully flipping the book over, while making sure the the spine keeps contact with the fabric, wrap the other side of the fabric around the front of the book. Once again, being careful to make sure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the fabric.
Your book should look like this at the end of step 4.

5. Cut off all 4 corners of the fabric, leaving about 1/8 of an inch margin between the corner and the edge of the cut.

6. Make two cuts in the fabric by the spine.  The cuts should line up with where the cover creases.  Do this on both ends of the book.

7. Smooth the fabric over the edges of the cover on all sides.  Pay special attention to the corners, making sure to pull the fabric tightly over the edges. Use Mod Podge if necessary to make sure the flaps are adhered completely.
Your books should look like this at the end of step 7.

 8. Add a very thing layer of Mod Podge to the left over tabs of fabric on either side of the spine. Then using a letter opener or a butter knife, push the tabs down into the little gap between the cover and the binding.

9. Add a little Mod Podge to the the corners of the book and use your fingers to push down the fabric (if necessary) to make a clean looking corner and keep them from fraying in the future.

Let dry and display... :) YOU'RE GOOD TO GO! 



  1. Hi Amy! I've been following your blog for a while now and I gotta say that you always come up with the cutest things! Love this idea! So so pretty! You've just inspire me to do this to some of my old books ;) thanks for sharing and God bless!!!

  2. I love this tutorial! It's very easy to understand & I can't wait to cover one of my old books!
    Thank you for taking time to post this! :)

  3. I didnt know what Pinterest was until I started getting hits from it on my blog! ha! I do love the fabric book covers. Very cute! Oh and I am following ya now :)

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  5. Very cute way to pretty up a not so cute book. I found this through pinterest :)

  6. Any Chance you will show us how to make the one with teh photo cutout in the front? Would LOVE to see that!!! :) Thank you for this great idea!

  7. Just what I needed!!!! Thanks a lot

  8. Would this work on a paperback, do you think?

  9. Simplesmente encantada!! O melhor blog que ja acessei , pois e lindo em varios aspectos..Parabens pelo capricho Amy em tudo o que faz!

  10. I was searching for this tecnique and found your blog! Lovely!!! Starting following you now!

  11. Beautiful! I can't wait to try it!

    Amanda Rose

  12. Hi there. I linked to your tutorial on my blog. I hope that's alright. If not, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately.
    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. :)



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