Using Vintage Tablecloths Part 2: EVERYDAY USE

For part 2 on Vintage Tablecloths I wanted to share two things... How to actually use  your vintage tablecloths on your kitchen table and an idea for salvaging irreparable retro kitchen chairs....

If you're like me, you love the look of vintage tablecloths but are scarred to use them!

I have two suggestions for this:

1. Buy cheap faded vintage tablecloths... which still are quite charming... and use them!  Don't worry about it... use, wash, and enjoy!   I have several tablecloths that are worn enough that I feel comfortable doing this with... 

2. Cover  your tablecloth with plastic or a glass top.  I cover my tablecloth with plastic...  This way I can enjoy the color and beauty a tablecloth provides without my children literally destroying it!  It's not quite as pretty as going without plastic... but for families with kids a nice tablecloth used on a daily basis is not really an option!   A couple pointers...  Keep a basic white tablecloth (I bought one a Target) on your table as a base under the vintage tablecloth.  This way, any size of vintage tablecloth will work.  You can find this type of plastic at most fabric stores... just measure your table before you go and make sure to buy it a little larger than your base tablecloth (maybe an extra inch or so on each side).  You can always cut it down later if you need to.

Awhile back I saw a pic on Pajama Mama's blog where she used glass on top of her tablecloth... check it out...

Okay... onto the retro kitchen chairs!

So ever since I was in high school, I've always wanted a 1950s chrome table and chairs.  Well, on my 19th birthday, 2 days before I got engaged, my then future mom-in-law gave me one!  Oh, I was thrilled!  She surprised me... it was bright yellow.  But, it didn't have chairs that went with it :(  Well, she found some very beat up chrome legged chairs and we set out on a mission to find new/retro looking vinyl for them.  We searched and searched, but had no luck.  Then she came up with the idea to cover them with fabric and the clear plastic vinyl (same stuff that goes on the table).  I had the idea to use a vintage tablecloth as the fabric.  It worked wonderfully!   I bought an average sized tablecloth and she managed to squeak all fours chair out of the one!   I treasure that table and chairs... so many memories!  ...bummed our family is too big now to use it  :(  

I don't have any specific tips for how exactly to re-cover chrome legged chairs... she did it for me :)  But they turned out perfectly and as far as I know she is not a professional is this field!  

Here's some pics of the chairs from our old house...

Do you have any creative uses for vintage tablecloths?  ...I'd love to hear...!!



  1. I absolutely adore your blog. I can't stop looking at it. It is so lovely, so personable...just adore it. And I LOVE your ideas with vintage tablecloths. I actually just went thrifting and bought some old "shabby" sheets to make wreaths with. As sheets and pillowcases...they look like grandma's attic type things. But the first ruffly wreath turned out so pretty. But these vintage tablecloths you found are just BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Thanks so much, Jessica! ...i'm blushing! I LOVE vintage sheets... just bought a few myself the other day. Will you show the wreath you made on your blog? i'd love see :)

  3. What great finds!! Love them all.

  4. Ooh, I have a yellow topped table also. And the few odd chrome legged chairs. Just won't part with them! LOVED the recovering idea...if I ever get brave. We use the yellow top table every day. They were made to last. Sweet blog!

  5. I have one tablecloth that I wanted to be able to see everyday without fear of food from the table-- if only i would have thought about the glass top! It now lives as slipcovers for 4 pillows on our sofa.


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