HOME SWEET HOME...My Office/Work Space Tour

I am spoiled... I have an entire room devoted to my office/work space.  I used to dream of the day when I could have such!!  Jeremy says I've earned it...now that I do so much design work beyond just recreation...(he's so sweet).  Regardless of why... I LOVE THIS ROOM!  It's colorful, happy, and spacious... and it's ALL MINE!   I'm so excited to show it to you...

Believe it or not, it was painted this color before we moved in!  ...so me.   It's kind of a muted sea foam color.

 This past Christmas, Jeremy received a Home Depot gift card from his mom.  He used it to buy me these cube storage shelves... like I said, he's so sweet!

This is where I package up my Etsy orders... this always involves plenty of unnecessary  stickers, divine twine, and other goodies.  I love sending pretty packages! 

 These are actually vintage cafe style curtains... I found a huge pile of them at a flee marked several years ago.   I just draped them over the rod... When I get around to it I think I'll make a matching pillow with some of the extra panels.

...And my favorite part!!! I just taped a bunch of my favorite things to the wall... vintage magazine ads, photos, bingo cards, vintage greeting cards, scripture prints, etc...  Fun, huh?!  Who says you can't  tape stuff to your walls like back in high school!?

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour :) 
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  1. I adore your office! It's absolutely beautiful!
    I also have a small section of wall (in my kitchen) where I have, what I call, a "tape collage." I tape up things that inspire me and make me smile. I walk by it every day and think of things that I want to paint/draw.
    Again, I just love your space. I always enjoy seeing how you decorate, it's very inspiring!

  2. You're so good Amy! Love it! Got my new lens the other day - having fun with it already!

  3. Oh Amy!!! I so LOVE "your" space! You share alot of the same taste as I do. I just bought me an antique red phone like your brown one sitting in the cube storage shelves.
    I especially love the items you have taped on the wall & the angle you went for! Also your antique wood desk-I absolutely adore it! I'm just in LOVE with your room. Enjoy.... :)
    Blessing to y'all.

  4. Looks great! I bet it feels wonderful to have your "own" space to work!

  5. Hi Amy,
    I found your blog via Pinterest & wanted to say what a sweet blog you have! I'm in the process of redoing my office/art space and you have given me a lot of inspiration! :-) Hali

  6. Hi Amy,
    I love your blog. In this post I noticed you have the same exact vintage rabbit/tulip lidded glass jar as I do. I was just deciding to use it in my work/craft space also. :)


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