Happy Things

In Sadie's nursery...

Probably the most memorable illustration in my memory...

Did any of you grow up reading Golden Books? How about the ones illustrated by Eloise Wilkin? I've mentioned before that I'm kind of obsessed with all things pertaining to babies/children... Well, I've come to realize that my corresponding love of chubby legged baby illustrations mostly likely was a result of Eloise Wilkin's babies. Her illustrations contain the most adorable, squeezable, lovable babies imaginable!!! I used to sit and look at the books with her illustrations in them and dream of being a mommy someday... My mom has an equal appreciation for Eloise Wilkin and has stocked our shelves with reprinted copies of the old classics. I've come across a few original ones that of course have found a home in Sadie's nursery decor. If you need a good baby fix or sweet story for your little ones, round up a Golden Book with Eloise's illustrations. When we read together, I enjoy watching my girls examine the lovely illustration just as I did years ago. Maybe they'll develop an obsession for all things baby and hopefully have chubby legged babies of there own some day... All to say!, Eloise's babies are definitely a Happy Thing! :)

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