Alice and Snow

My Alice... (deep sigh, shake head, and smile). She's so special, so sweet, and so unique! Alice is five, and I'm enjoying our first year of homeschooling. For me the best part of her age and our days together is the communication. There are so many opportunities at this age to pass on info... whether it's educational/school related, training and disciplining, or spiritual shaping. For me, the best and most rewarding is seeing her eager little mind search for truth even at this age. She wants to hear the Bible stories, she wants to understand, she wants to know about anything and everything that has to do with her Jesus. What a blessing it is to be the one who conveys the truth of God's word to her. I tear up just a little as I type it!!! A couple days ago while we were driving in the car and admiring the beauty of the recent snowfall, I asked her if she knew what the Bible said about snow.... "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow..." I went on to tell her about how sin makes us dirty, but since Christ died for our sins we can be made clean. When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, they're gone! We are clean again... perfectly clean... white as snow!

It made my day... to get to tell her about our sin and snow. If you have little ones, don't hesitate, take every opportunity to bring Jesus into the conversation! It not only fills their eager little minds with truth that is so readily soaked up, but it's a blessing to you... such a blessing.

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