My Work Space... a tour!

Back in the day, one of my favorite things about blogging was taking pictures of my home!  I love to decorate and I enjoy photography, so naturally combining the two to show you all is a blast!

My oldest daughter, Alice, was snooping around this blog the other day and stumbled upon the "home tour" button.  She came to me and with an observation... "Mom, your blog is really out of date! You need to show some pictures of how our home actually looks now."   Yes, Alice...wise child... you are correct. :) So the most obvious place to start, for me, is my work space!  It's kind of home base for me during my days at home.  My work space is what technically should be the formal dining room, so it's very centrally located in our home.  I hang out there responding to emails,  keeping up with my Etsy stuff, designing and drawing, working on my planners, etc.  The bigger kids come to me for school work help or questions, the littles come begging for snacks or tattling on each other :)  But they always know the first place to look for mom is in her office/work space.

So without further delay... I present to you my happy place... my work space!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! 



  1. Love it my friend! Where did you get the turquoise drawer cabinet?

    1. Thanks, Malinda! The drawer cabinet is from The Container Store. The brand is Bisley :)

  2. Beautiful! Love all the cheerful colors. The white containers goes so beautifully with the pretty colors all around.

  3. What a beautiful spot! I would want to be there all the time, too :)

  4. Love it amy.. I love the color combo.. love it all 😊


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