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Hello Friends!

so... I was browsing through old pics on my computer the other day and came across some photos I took last December.  As I looked through them, it all came back to me... I had designed some cute Christmas patterns for you guys, but things were so busy that I never had time to post them!  So lucky for me, I can share them with you now and I didn't have to do all the prep work, ha!

So these can be used as gift wrap, stickers, cards, whatever you can imagine!  I used them to cover some sweet little boxes...  and I also printed the pattern out on circle labels to make some cheery stickers!

Take a peek...

Simply click on the image of the design you'd like to save... then right-click and save to your computer!  They are high-resolution .png images formatted for legal sized paper (8.5x14)  But you should be able to print them on other sizes of paper as well.

** as alway, these designs/files are for personal/small business use only.  They may not be sold or used for profit in any way. File may not be distributed for profit.



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  1. I miss you dear Amy! Come visit if you have time over Christmas! :)


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