Can't stop blushing...

So today I'm blushing... and feeling amazingly blessed.  Today I'm being featured...yes, I said FEATURED... this is a first... over on Two Shades of Pink!!

Jessica is a friend, a blessings, an encouragement, and best of all a sister-in-Christ!  Please go on over to her blog and check it out... don't stop at my feature... go exploring!   You'll find AMAZING IDEA AFTER AMAZING IDEA...all seasoned with Grace.
Can't say anymore.
There are no more words suitable for the treasure that is Jessica.



  1. I came over from Two Shades of Pink, not today, but the other day, when I found her through someone who visited my Pinterest Board. What a web! As I just said on her blog, the great thing about Pinterest is I can find people with the same interest, in this case, textiles, vintage fabrics, paper and for me, the FREE and lovely printables! I can't do a thing with web design, but love all you girls who can and so kindly give away these printables for FREE! So, congratulations for the lovely feature and for the GREAT printables! I have pinned several from your site and have already printed a few! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  2. Just found your blog and love it-so I just had to be a follower then I saw Jessica's name.SHE IS A TRULY WONDERFUL LADY AND HAS said some really inspiring words to me.So thanks for sharing your life with us as well.Maybe you might want to come say hello to my blog.

  3. Found you on Jessica's blog and I LOVE your designs! Wow! They are inspiring!


  4. Hey Amy! Jess is my friend, which makes you my friend too. :) After exploring many many pages of your blog I thought I might as well join up so I don't miss out. Loving all your nursery art. So very cute. :)

  5. Wow! still lovin' this place...
    you both are wonderfully talented ladies & you have put gladness in my heart...Psalm 4

  6. Oh you sweet friend...thank you for such lovely words about ME! And I am just giddy that so many people are inspired by your blog like I am! You deserve it my sweet, talented, sister in Christ!
    Hugs! xoxo


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