Lucy's Space Tour and some Projects Completed!

I have some things to show you!  Remember my list of things to do before baby arrived??  Well, I completed most of it...  And I'd love to give you a mini tour of Lucy's "space" (since she shares a room with her other three sisters)!  Let's begin!

First off... between my mom-in-law and me, we made a nice little stack of new burp cloths for Lucy.  I used vintage chenille and vintage sheets... I just LOVE them.   There are more of them.. but naturally about half of them were in the laundry :)

My mom-in-law also made a toddler sized bedspread for Sadie out of the same combo.  And per Sadie's request, she re-attached the fringe edging so that is was extra "fancy".  I think it's just the cutest thing... a kid sized chenille bedspread...are you kidding me??  I wish it was mine!

I Biz-ed the bumper pad for Lucy's crib (it turned out so well!)... it's the same one I used for Elsie and Sadie...  My spectacular mom-in-law made it too.  She also made crib-sized sheets for Lucy and Sadie's toddler bed out of the vintage sheets.  It's like some one threw-up vintage sheets in their room... I love it. 

Well that's about it!  I'll have to show you some of the other projects soon... like V's room and his new bedding.   If you'd like to see more of the girls' room from earlier feel free to snoop around :)




  1. I think your MIL needs to start selling in your etsy shop, too! Oh my mercy! And where can I find all these vintage-y fabrics and sheets if I live in no man's land??? Help! I'm getting ready to sew burp cloths, wish me luck :)

  2. Aww, everything is so sweet and pretty! Love the butterfly mobile, too.

    Seems like vintage linens are getting harder and harder to find--everyone is snatching them up to make cute things!

  3. Amy, I happened on your blog today and just want you to know what a blessing it has been.
    I read the story of Sadie and Sophie, praise God for the comfort He brings so we can comfort others.
    Your home IS truly "delightful", I like your decorating style, it's so individual. Your children are all just beautiful!
    I'm a mom of 4 , two boys , 18 and 16 ( those numbers just look crazy to me), a daughter 13 and a daughter 8. I IDENTIFY with today's post even now. Have you ever heard of "FlyLady" ? Their website may really help you out. Be encouraged - I believe you already are, the beauty of Jesus shines through every word and every picture.
    May you find still more strength as you live so close to all the tornado devastation. Blessings

  4. Very pretty...loving these fabrics!!

  5. Oh, my word. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! The vintage touches are lovely. I love that little Heidi book peeking out on the little shelf. Do you find your vintage linens at thrift stores?

    1. Why thank you! Yup, I find most of my linens and bedding from thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales! fun, huh?


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