Projects to Do Before Baby Comes....

Well, it's down to 6 weeks till baby comes... 
Up until now I haven't allowed myself to do much preparation for baby's arrival.  I've tried to keep busy with my regular routine...  I suppose this is mainly a psychological tactic, in a desperate attempt to stay sane!  But all to say, March is coming... and I told myself that in those last 4 weeks I could indulge my desire to (somewhat) drop the world and focus on baby plans. 

So with baby #5 what is there really to do in preparation?... especially for girl #4?!
Compared to baby #1, there's very little purchasing that needs to take place (that's a good thing!).  I have plenty of little girl outfits, blankets, accessories, etc. 

But... I NEED to prepare!  I see it kinda like getting ready for Christmas.... the preparation, the planning, even the conversations about the upcoming event help to build excitement and give the event its appropriate significance.  Adding another little person to our family is a huge deal!  I want to celebrate as I anticipate... and this is doubly meaningful with other little ones who are also trying to grasp what's about to happen.  ... plus, let's be honest, it kills time.  :)

So enough rambling...  What's on the list to do before baby #5 arrives?

(In no particular order:)

* Biz bumper pads and other stained items....  Yeah, I've got a beautiful custom made bumper pad that I'd love to use for the 3rd time, but after pulling it out of the garage it's very yellowed :(  ...along with a handful of other clothes items that have yellowed milk stains.  I hate that... but Biz works really well.  I will soak everything in the bath tub for a couple hours... then wash the clothing items again with baby-safe detergent.

bumper pads to be Bizzed... and vintage sheets

* Wash other baby items... in Dreft... just because I LOVE the smell of Dreft :)  I'll do this about 2 weeks before baby comes so that the clothes still smell nice.  This is probably my favorite thing to do before baby comes!

* Set up crib and decorate a bit.  We are adding this little lady to the girls' room.  Yes, you are counting correctly.. I am putting 4 girls in one small room :)  It will actually work quite well, I believe.  Oddly enough there seems to be more room for her in there than in V's room.  Plus, then I can indulge in all the baby girly-ness that I want when decorating!

* Set up youth bed in V's room...  this is going to happen as soon as our silly, odd sized mattress arrives in the mail!  I've been waiting for about a month :(   But I'm a little anxious to make the transition from crib to bed for him.  I want him to be all settle before baby arrives.  I'm super excited about the bed though... we found a vintage early 1960s youth-sized bed at a garage sale for $20!  It's so cute; it has sweet little decals of ducks, dogs, cats, etc. on it. 

* Crib sheets for baby and youth-bed sheets for V...  these are being made by my mum-in-law.  I'm using vintage flat sheets for the material.  They are going to rock :) 

* Sew burp rags out of vintage chenille, vintage sheet scraps, and flannel... After being well used by the other three girls, my old burp rags could stand to be replaced (yuck).

Material, vintage and new, to be used for burp rags...and possibly baby blanket

* Have mum-in-law sew blanket for baby out of vintage chenille and either vintage sheet or purchased fabric... I can't decide.  I have a large piece of beautiful pink chenille that I've always intended to make something out of for the girls... so now the time!!  Mom doesn't know about this project yet :)  ... so if you're reading this mom, now you know!

possible new fabric to go with vintage pink chenille for baby blanket... LOVE This!

* Design birth announcement ...  It has to be unique and it has to have a vintage flair!

I like the vintage feel of these... 

* Freezer meals...

* Line up school plans and activities (maybe some more "fun" stuff) for the last weeks before baby and after baby... things that the Moms can help carry out.

* Order new nightie/ p.j.s for hospital stay.  I did this last time with V and it was so nice!  I felt so much "prettier" (if that's possible right after having a baby) in cute stuff instead of a hospital gown.

* Plan for Jeremy's and Elsie's birthdays... Jeremy's is the 2nd of April and Elsie's is the 4th.  Baby is scheduled to arrive by c-section on the 3rd.  NUTS... yes.  But fun!   So I need to buy and wrap gifts ahead of time...  and plan for a cake to be made for my Elsie, since I will be in the hospital.  

What am I forgetting?

I know I need to do some practical things... pack for hospital, clean house, laundry, etc...  But am I missing anything major?  Probably.  I don't think I have any brains left.

Well, hopefully little by little I'll show you things as I get them done!  ...that's the fun part!

Till then...



  1. Though you are so buzy I do hope you enjoy the time left before the new baby come. I wish you a fine day.

  2. Love the second vintage birth announcement! Where did you find that?

    1. I pinned it off of Pinterest.... here is the link: Isn't that super cute!?

  3. Great list and fun fabrics! Lots of inspiration for things I need to do in the next 11 weeks or so! I appreciate your thoughts about celebrating the anticipation and significance of a new baby, even when you already have several children. So true! Every baby is a blessing from God. :) Can't wait to see some of these finished projects!

  4. Hello! I've wondered if there are other bloggers in OKC?!?!?! So happy to have found you! It looks like you are SUPER busy but I look forward to chatting sometime! Amanda @ Your newest follower!


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