Girly Overload

We are having another girl :)

We found out last Tuesday...  I've been wanting to share the news with you, but we've been busy with another big event in our lives.
This time around... since it really will be the last time (!)... we decided to take all the kiddos with us to the sonogram to find out the gender.  It was such a memorable time.  The girls talked about it for weeks before hand... they couldn't wait to find out what the baby in mommy's tummy would be.  Whenever anyone asked us girls (not Jeremy), we would all say the same thing: "We want a boy, but we think it's a girl."  We just had a feeling.
Anyway, so we all filed into the hospital... like little ducks in a row, they all followed with such anticipation!  In the dark little sonogram room, they pulled in some additional kids chairs and my girls sat quietly like little angels.  Alice sat tall and alert, watching everything.  Elsie crossed her legs and folded her hands.  Sadie had a goofy grin on her face and never talked louder than a whisper.  V chilled on Jeremy's lap, fascinated by all the technology.  It was a beautiful memory... all of them in there with us... as we took a peek at that tiny sweet baby girl in my tummy.

As is our tradition, we all headed to Target after the sono to pick out the first girly outfit.  The kids also got a treat for behaving so well during the appointment.   It was a wonderful time of celebration... none of us could stop smiling :)  

So Virgil will remain the loan spoiled boy.  Now that I know, I'm enjoying anticipating the future dynamics of our home.  Another girl... the first three were so precious, so beautiful....  how could I not be thrilled with another one?  Where will we put her?  ...I suppose one more bed in the girls' room isn't impossible...  What will she be like?  Will I finally get another one with dark hair, brown eyes?  Will she have crazy curly hair?  Will she be spunky and crazy or gentle and sweet?  I love thinking about these things :)

The day that we found out we were having twins... over four years ago...  I remember driving alone in the car on the way to tell my mom about the babies.  I remember breaking down crying.  I just cried out and thanked God over and over again for such a blessing...   I'd never felt so full.  So blessed.  So overwhelmed with God goodness towards me.  So undeserving of such a wonderful thing.

.... And then some time later we lost Sophie.  I always looked back at that moment in the car, and relished the feeling.  It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

A few weeks ago I felt the baby's kicks for the first time.  The feeling fell on me so suddenly.  With an overwhelming weight I felt it again.  My soul sang out... "Oh, God... thank you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for another little one.  You have blessed me beyond measure."  I felt that fullness... that rich blessing... of something so wonderful that I didn't deserve.  All I could do was choke back tears every time I felt that baby kick. 

We've been through many ups and downs over the years with babies and pregnancies.  But God has more than restored every loss, every tear.  I never thought I would feel the way I did when I was expecting twins again.  I thought it was gone... a lost moment never to reclaim.  I can't even verbalize the thankfulness and joy I feel today... pregnant again with a 5th child...  God is so faithful.  He truly does work all things together for our good, if we trust and follow him.

I just doesn't get any better than this. 

(If you have never read about the story of our sweet Twins... you might enjoy it!
Click HERE... to read it)



  1. My heart is so full for you all.....what a wonderful, wonderful gift! We were blessed with 3 girls and 2 boys, and we lost one sweet girl, but look forward to having her back as part of our eternal family.
    Our children are gifts that Heavenly Father bestows on us....and I know so very well that feeling of not being worthy!
    I am so glad you have these cherished memories.....something to warm your heart in years to come!

  2. Hi Amy!

    I have followed your blog for a long time, but I have never posted a comment before! I read the story about your lovely Twins a few days ago! And when I read about your 5th child I was so happy! God is so mercyful! Congratulations! :)
    I'm single yet, but my dream is to have a big family full of kiddos and being a homeschool mom just like you! I attended an A.C.E. school during my first 16 years, but my parents became missionaries and I was homeschooled about 3 years! I'm almost 24 now, and I have decided to homeschool all the kiddos that God wants to trust me!
    I'll be praying for you and your family, especially your 5th one! May God bless you with a delightful pregnancy!

    p.s. Psalm 117

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  4. Congratulations, children are a blessing and bring so much joy in our lives. God Bless you and your family.

  5. This is beautiful and so precious! Congratulations to you and your beautiful expanding family!

  6. My heart is just overflowing right now! What a beautiful post Amy! You're faith is so beautiful and I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing and congrats on another precious little girl.

    Love ya!


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