This too shall pass...??

Well, last week I posted about my girls... their attitudes and discipline struggles....  Well, today let me update you on my baby boy... Virgil.  He has been unique since the get go...  well, he's a boy.  enough said, right?

Ever since V was about 4 months old, he's been a bit of a struggle for me.  He was always grumpy.  Always crying, but not wanting to be cuddled.   Well, lately he's become more affectionate... although it's more in the realm of a crazy puppy that growls, slobbers, attacks, bites, and rubs its head all over you to show love.  :)  So glad that I can tell he actually loves me... just ideally wish it was expressed another way (I'm not a dog lover!).   But he smiles now.  And that's wonderful.

But now he's entered a new stage... full of new challenges.  It's nothing unheard of.  In fact, Sadie was doing the exact same things 2 years ago at this time.  But it's still exhausting and frustrating!  He's climbing on every chair, every table, opening every drawing, toilet lids, pulling out all the baby wipes... you know what I'm talking about.  oh you know.

One day a week or so ago,  I decided that instead of getting super frustrated about all the tricks he was pulling,  I was going to take pics and post them for you.  You know, for a laugh.  Yeah. right.  20 minutes into the morning, and I was like... forget. this.  So I only have a few, quite tame pictures to show you.  There are no pictures of the lotion squirted all over the bathroom floor, my diet coke spilled on the carpet, the files that got renamed because V got on the computer, the look on my face as I find him playing in an unflushed toilet...  the spilled milk and cereal all over the floor because he climbed on the breakfast table, the trash strewn all over the kitchen because I didn't remember to put the trash can on top of the high chair like I usually do.  AHHHHHH!                       ... but I love him :)

So I'm offering a sigh of understanding to any and all moms who have been there... or are there.  This too shall pass... right?   Good thing they're cute.



  1. He is adorable. I can't wait to experience these things the little boys do! May God grant you patience as you raise those precious blessings!

  2. That last pic is the clincher. Absolutely sweet Amy. My youngest is a little guy too and he has always kept me on the go. He is 3 1/2 now and still finds ways to look like he NEVER has clean clothes.:) I remember one time I wanted to write in to genius book of world records and see what was the most spills and clean ups for a 2 year old, I was thinking I might be able to top it :) lol They are such precious gifts these little guys. Laughter and patience to you as you walk in consistency and try and laugh at it all. Here is a GREAT little print for a boy I thought you would enjoy:

  3. This makes me smile, only because I am currently living it. Awhile ago I commented how our sons were the same temperament and apparently they still are. He drives me nuts, but I just love him so much. I know one day I will miss these chaotic messes I clean up everyday!

  4. My boy will turn 3 in August, same mess! Last week he spread syrup and half bottle of soap in the kitchen floor, wrap a book for a gift with my bed sheets (all the lyers), almost (I was ther on time) poured craft glue on top of the laundry basket, throw everything that bothers him at one point to the trash such as my shoes, his sister's book, a sweater, and so on...
    Still frustating for me, I admit, especially when all is done in less than 30 minutes!!! But I guess that's part of the joy to parenting... And still get melted when he comes for a huge hug to say he's sorry!
    Just have to be patient, right?

    Lovely pictures and blog!

  5. This totally cracked me up this a.m.! (Sorry that it's at your expense.) I have 2 friends with similar little boys (both Mamas are currently sporting shiners from toys being thrown at close range). I just shared your blog with them so they could feel in good company! We're awaiting the "surprise" of #3 in September. We have 2 little girls and my theory has been that if it is a boy, they will keep him tame! lol I guess I shall now kiss that sweet little thought farewell!!! :D

  6. My son is in the fun loving puppy stage and I often feel super exasperated. Thank you for posting this... sometimes I feel guilty for feeling so frustrated when he can't stop grabbing everything from my hands and even with baby-proofing he is somehow into EVERYTHING he shouldn't be. When I complain about it I feel like people might not understand how thankful I am for him or how much I love him. Because, while I am often at wits end with him I am always thankful that I have him in my life. Your son is adorable... I tell myself that my son is just super smart and interested in the way everything around him works. Maybe your son is the same way and we are looking at a couple of future engineers or inventors.

  7. Ohhh so it's not just my little man... *breathes a sigh of relief* I was really beginning to question my parenting skills. My little guy just turned one on 4/27 He climbs tables, the AC (don't ask how), hides in cabinets, climbs into the tub and out of the high chair, strews food from one end of the kitchen to the next only to get down and eat it from the floor.. dressers.. there isn't a day that goes by that I am not picking up clothes from each room because he likes to open and toss all the clothes out and stand in the drawer. Like you, I decided to take pics to show him when he gets older.. after about 5 pics for the day I said enough. But in all his mischief.. I can't get upset, he's jsut too adorable and I tell myself I'd much rather him be the way he is because its jsut a stage (I hope) and I know he is developing well.. opposed to jsut sitting there and doing nothing .. that would bother me.


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